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Request For Criminal Case Information - California

Request For Criminal Case Information Form. This is a California form and can be used in Criminal San Luis Obispo Local County .
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Request for Criminal Case Information San Luis Obispo Superior Court (revised 6/25/2014) Fill out one request for each defendant. _______________________________ Case Number(s) ____________________________ Defendant's Name ____________ Defendant's date of birth Date of Request State Zip ____ ___________________ __________ (Area Code) Your Phone number Your City Your Name Your Address Make payments/requests : · San Luis Obispo Branch 1050 Monterey Street, Rm. 220, San Luis Obispo, CA 93408 (805) 781-5670 The clerk's office cannot provide copies of: · Police/arrest/incident reports · Transcripts · Warrants · Confidential documents as designated by law Please check one: I wish to view the file only ($15 research fee applies for files stored off-site) I am requesting a copy of the case summary ­ FREE (Available only to the defendant named on a case or his/her attorney; Request must include a copy of valid ID and a Self-addressed stamped envelope) I wish to purchase copies of items indicated below. I have enclosed a check for payment. I wish to pick up the requested items in person. The clerk will call above number when request is ready for pick up. Please mail the requested items. Self Addressed Stamped Envelope is required. Specify items to be copied: I need Certified copies ($25 per document charge) Case Summary--50cents/page available for any member of the public/free to defendant & attorney of record. Complaint/Citation Disposition: Conviction / Plea/Tahl Waiver Sentencing Order Probation Order Protective Order PC1203.4/expungement order Minute orders or other documents (please list file date, date of hearing or attach a copy of docket indicating documents needed) Entire File--Please call clerk's office prior to submitting a request for entire file. Other OR If an agency is requesting you to obtain copies from the court, please include a copy of their letter with your request. Costs: $15 research fee, applies for each case or item stored off-site or requests taking more than 10 minutes. $0.50 copy fee, per page (including dockets) $25 document certification fee, per document or docket Make checks payable to SLO Superior Court, leave amount blank, and note in memo field "not to exceed $_____" if you are unsure of the total cost. American LegalNet, Inc.
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