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Instructions To Serve Civil Bench Warrant (Order Of Examination) CV-E-127B - California

Instructions To Serve Civil Bench Warrant (Order Of Examination) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Order Of Examination Sacramento Local County .
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SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO 720 Ninth Street ~ Room 102 Sacramento, CA 95814-1380 (916) 874-5522 INSTRUCTIONS TO SERVE CIVIL BENCH WARRANT (The Sheriff must have written and signed instructions by the Plaintiff representing himself/herself or the Attorney of record in accordance with California Civil Procedure Code 262.) TYPE OR PRINT CLEARLY Court Case # PLAINTIFF'S NAME To effect service of the Civil Bench Warrant: Submit this completed form to the Sacramento County Superior Court Clerk. Upon receipt, the Clerk will transmit the Civil Bench Warrant to the Sacramento Sheriff along with this signed instruction sheet and your check for fees made payable to "THE SHERIFF". TO THE SHERIFF you are instructed to serve the attached Civil Bench Warrant as follows: Check one box: Defendant Lives in Sacramento County. Defendant Does Not Live in Sacramento County. Name of county where defendant lives: DEFENDANT'S INFORMATION Name: Service address: Address, City and Zip Code Employer or other address for service: Address, City and Zip Code Phone Number: Sex: Race: Date of birth/approx. age: SSN: Ht: Wt: Hair: Eyes: Driver's License: Defendant may pose a threat Yes No. Explain: Other Instructions: PLAINTIFF'S INFORMATION Name: Your Address: City, Signature: State, Zip _Date: Phone: E-Mail: Code: Fees: A check for $140.00 $50.00 payable to THE SHERIFF is attached. Fee waiver is attached. NOTE: The Sheriff is entitled to a fee for service, whether or not the service is successful (Government Codes 26736 and 26738) Instructions to Serve Civil Bench Warrant CV\E-127B (Rev June 23, 2015) Page 1 of 1 American LegalNet, Inc.
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