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Civil Bench Warrant (Order Of Examination) CV-E-127A - California

Civil Bench Warrant (Order Of Examination) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Order Of Examination Sacramento Local County .
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SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO 720 Ninth Street ~ Room 102 Sacramento, CA 95814-1380 (916) 874-5522 For Court Use Only Attorney or Party Without Attorney (Name and Address): Telephone No. Plaintiff: Defendant: Case Number: CIVIL BENCH WARRANT TO ANY SHERIFF OR MARSHAL WITHIN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, YOU ARE COMMANDED TO ARREST (name): and bring him/her before this Court, or the nearest court if in session, for the setting of bail in the amount of the warrant or to release on the person's own recognizance. Any person so arrested shall be released from custody if he/she cannot be brought before the court within 12 hours of arrest, and the person shall not be arrested if the court will not be in session during the 12-hour period following the arrest. Approved for nighttime service. (PC § 840.) Physical Description and Address of Person to be Arrested: Sex M F Height: Race: Weight: Hair Color: Age: Eye Color: Date of Birth: Other: The last known address of the person to be arrested is: CV\E-127A (Rev March 25, 2014) Civil Bench Warrant Page 1 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc. Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento Civil Urgency Finding: The court finds that urgency and materiality dictates the person's immediate presence in court which precludes the use of the promise to appear process as provided in CCP 1993(b) (11). The court makes no finding as to the urgency and materiality: therefore, this person may be released upon a promise to appear as follows: DATE: TIME: Reason for Arrest: LOCATION: , pursuant to the subpoena or court order, . , for order of examination Failing to appear on (date) served on (date): Failing to appear on (date) (CCP §491.160(a)(1)(a), CCP §491.160(a)(1)(b), CCP §708.170(a)(1)(a), CCP §708.170(a)(1)(b)), CCP §1209 served on (date):________. Failure of witness to attend hearing (CCP 1993) on (date):__________, served on (date):___________________. Failure to Appear Notice was not issued due to the urgency of the person's immediate presence (CCP 1993(a)(2).) Other (specify): Bail: Set at $______________. Expiration: (Court Seal) This warrant will expire on the date of the hearing stated above or, if no hearing is set, on (date):_____________. Issued in the County of Sacramento on (date): by Commissioner Judge of the Superior Court Sacramento County Superior Court CV\E-127A (Rev March 25, 2014) Civil Bench Warrant Page 2 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc.
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