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Journal Entry Of Judgment And Decree Of Divorce (With No Minor Children) - Kansas

Journal Entry Of Judgment And Decree Of Divorce (With No Minor Children) Form. This is a Kansas form and can be used in 18th Judicial District (Sedgwick County) Local District Court .
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IN THE EIGHTEENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT DISTRICT COURT, SEDGWICK COUNTY, KANSAS FAMILY LAW DEPARTMENT ) ) ______________________________, ) ) and ) ) _______________________________. ) __________________________________________) Petition Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60 IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF Case No.____________________ TITLE TO REAL ESTATE INVOLVED: ___Yes ___No JOURNAL ENTRY OF JUDGMENT AND DECREE OF DIVORCE (With no minor children of this marriage) NOW, on this _____ day of _______________________, 20___, the above matter comes before the Court for final hearing. Petitioner appears in person, pro se. Respondent (does not appear) (appears in person) (appears through counsel), and does not contest these proceedings. Both parties consent to the waiving of a record. There are no other appearances. WHEREUPON, after reviewing matters of record, and considering all of the pleadings, and otherwise being duly advised, the Court finds, orders and decrees: 1. 2. 3. The Petition in this case was filed on the following date: __________________. More than sixty (60) days have passed since the filing of the Petition in this case. Petitioner has been a bona fide resident of the State of Kansas for more than sixty (60) days preceding the filing of the Petition in this case. 4. That the Respondent has received a copy of the Petition in this case by: (CHECK ONLY ONE) _____a) waived service of summons; _____b) was served with summons by the Sedgwick County Sheriff; ___c) was served by special process server; ____d)was served with summons by American LegalNet, Inc. certified-mail return receipt requested; or _____e) was served by publication. 5. Service of process upon Respondent has been duly accomplished, and is valid, binding and legal in all respects, and is hereby approved by the Court. 6. This Court has jurisdiction over the parties to and the subject matter of this divorce matter. 7. 8. Venue in Sedgwick County, Kansas is proper. Petitioner and Respondent were married on ________________________, and have been married since that date. 9. ground. 10. Petitioner and Respondent do not now have any living children born of this Petitioner and Respondent are incompatible, and they are hereby divorced on that marriage who are under the age of eighteen (18) years, and the wife was not pregnant at the time the Petition in this case was filed, nor is she pregnant at this time. 11. SPOUSAL MAINTENANCE A. _____ Not Applicable; however, the Court reserves jurisdiction over this issue for one year after the filing of this Decree B. _____ Husband/Wife is ordered to pay ___________ per month as and for spousal maintenance of Husband/Wife beginning ___________________(date) for the period of _____years and concluding on ____________________ (date). Said obligation shall terminate upon the death of either Husband or Wife. Said support shall be paid through the Kansas Payment Center at the address listed in Article II. 12. ADDRESS FOR PAYMENTS AND ROLE OF COURT TRUSTEE A. _____ Not Applicable American LegalNet, Inc. B. _____ The address for spousal maintenance payments is as follows: Kansas Payment Center Box 758599 Topeka, KS 66675 8599 The case number shown on the first page of this order shall be placed on all checks or money orders and said checks or money orders shall be made payable to the Kansas Payment Center and include the county designation (SG). The Kansas Payment Center shall forward said payments to Husband/Wife at ____________________________________________(city, state, zip) and it shall be the responsibility of Husband/Wife to inform the Clerk of any change in address. No commission shall be credited to the Court Trustee for payments under this order. 13. FAILURE TO PAY SPOUSAL MAINTENANCE A. _____ Not Applicable B. _____ Should the payor fail to be current with the spousal maintenance obligations as set out herein so that there is an arrearage in an amount equal to or greater than the amount of spousal maintenance payable for one month or two months if only spousal support is ordered, an income withholding order shall be issued by the Court upon proper application. The income withholding order shall require any payor of income to the party in arrears to withhold income from each pay period in the necessary and lawful amounts to pay the current spousal maintenance obligation and to reduce the accrued arrearage. The above orders for spousal maintenance may be enforced by garnishment unless the Husband/Wife requests a hearing to contest the issuance of an Order of Garnishment within seven (7) days after the service of the within order of spousal maintenance upon Husband/Wife. American LegalNet, Inc. 14. RESIDENCE A. _____ Not Applicable B. _____Husband/Wife shall have permanent possession of the residence located at __________________________________________________(city, state, zip) with the value of the property being $________________. Husband/Wife shall be responsible for payment of the mortgage loan and will hold the other party harmless. 15. PERSONAL PROPERTY A. _____ Not Applicable B. _____ Husband shall have permanent possession of his personal papers, clothing and any other property in his possession and the following items of property now in possession of the Wife: (Description & Estimated Value) A. _____ Not Applicable B. _____ Wife shall have permanent possession of her personal papers, clothing and any other property in her possession and the following items of property now in possession of the Husband: (Description and Estimated Value) Both parties shall be awarded their own retirement benefits from any current or past employer, free and clear of any claim of the other. American LegalNet, Inc. 16. DEBTS--Each party is responsible for the debts held in his or her own name, and shall hold the other party harmless for said debt, except the following: A. _____ Not Applicable B. _____ Husband is Ordered to be responsible for the periodic payment of the following debts: (Description of Debts to be paid by Husband) _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ A. _____ Not Applicable B. _____ Wife is Ordered to be responsible for the periodic payment of the following debts: (Description of Debts to be paid by Wife) _______________________________________ _________________________
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