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Appearance Bond PS-354 - Kansas

Appearance Bond Form. This is a Kansas form and can be used in 18th Judicial District (Sedgwick County) Local District Court .
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FOR CLERK'S USE ONLY IN THE EIGHTEENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT DISTRICT COURT, SEDGWICK COUNTY, KANSAS _________________________________________________________ Plaintiff/Petitioner VS _________________________________________________________ Defendant/Respondent Case No. ___________________________________________ Arresting Agency Case No. ___________________________________________ APPEARANCE BOND CRIMINAL TRAFFIC CIVIL DOMESTIC We, _____________________________________________________ , as principal, and the undersigned as surety, do hereby bind ourselves to the State of Kansas in the sum of ___________________________________________________________ Dollars ($ _______________ ) conditioned upon the appearance of the principal on the ____________ day of _______________________ , 20 ________ , at ________ _____ .m., in the District Court of Sedgwick County, Kansas before Division __________________ , and thereafter before a Judge when ordered to answer the charge of _______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and from time to time thereafter as the Court may require until the case is terminated. Other conditions of this bond are: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If the amount of the bond required for the person's appearance or the other conditions are modified from the above amount or conditions, then this bond is null and void, and a new bond in the required amount and/or with the modified other conditions must be posted at that time. We, the undersigned, state that this bond is continuing in nature. Failure to appear at the time/date and location listed above will result in a bench warrant for the immediate arrest of the principal and judgment against principal and surety for the amount of the bond. Date ________________________ Prepared by: _______________________________________ Principal _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Surety Address Surety _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Address Approved: ______________________ DATE _________________________________________________ Judge of District Court, Div. _______________ American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com PS-354
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