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Post Confirmation Quarterly Operating Report (Region 21) Form. This is a national form and can be used in US Trustee US Department Of Justice .
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U.S. Department of Justice Office of the United States Trustee ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARATION OF DEBTOR'S CHAPTER 11 POST-CONFIRMATION QUARTERLY OPERATING REPORT Debtors-in-Possession and Trustees must file with the Bankruptcy Court, and serve on the United States Trustee, post-confirmation operating reports reflecting the activities of debtor(s) each quarter after their Plan of Reorganization has been confirmed. These reports are to be submitted by the 20th of the month following the reporting period until such time that a Final Decree has been entered by the Court. The attached forms are to be used by debtors, post confirmation. The following additional comments are provided to assist in the preparation of the forms provided by the United States Trustee. < ATTACHMENT 1 - QUESTIONNAIRE/INSURANCE INFORMATION. You must submit this information each quarter even if there have been no changes from the prior periods. If a new insurance policy is issued, coverage is changed, limits are changed, or if there is any other change in insurance coverage, a copy of the new certificate of insurance reflecting such changes must be attached. < ATTACHMENT 2 - CHAPTER 11 SCHEDULE OF RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS. The amounts, including operating and plan disbursements, must be recorded on this schedule. The Total Disbursements recorded on this schedule, including all operating and plan disbursements, are used to determine the quarterly fees due the United States Trustee. All items must be answered. Any which do not apply should be answered "none" or "N/A." < ATTACHMENT 3 - BANK ACCOUNT RECONCILIATION. You must report each open account, including savings accounts and negotiable instruments (e.g. certificates of deposit, money market accounts, stocks or bonds). < ATTACHMENT 4 - CASH/DEBIT/CHECK DISBURSEMENT DETAIL. A separate attachment must be utilized for each account. Itemize all checks written or wire transfers on each account. Debtors using computerized systems may submit computer-generated registers. The check disbursement detail must account for ALL checks in sequential order, including those that have been voided. Additionally, the amounts recorded on the check disbursements detail must agree with the amounts recorded on the Schedule of Receipts and Disbursements (Attachment 1). < The debtor must submit all attachments of the Post-Confirmation Quarterly Operating Report. Any attachments not applicable must be so noted on the attachment. The required reports with attachments should be stapled together and filed with the cover sheet showing the name, address and telephone number of debtor and debtor's attorney. Failure to submit Post-Confirmation Quarterly Operating Reports will seriously jeopardize your case, and may result in the dismissal or conversion of your case to a Chapter 7. If you have any questions regarding these reports which your attorney cannot answer, your attorney should contact the attorney or bankruptcy analyst in the United States Trustee's office who is assigned to your case. American LegalNet, Inc. UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT ________________ DISTRICT OF ___________ __________________ DIVISION IN RE: } } } } } } CASE NUMBER: JUDGE CHAPTER 11 DEBTOR. FROM DEBTOR'S POST-CONFIRMATION QUARTERLY OPERATING REPORT FOR THE PERIOD TO Comes now the above-named debtor and files its Post-Confirmation Quarterly Operating Report in accordance with the Guidelines established by the United States Trustee and FRBP 2015. Dated: Attorney for Debtor Debtor's Address and Phone Number: ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ Tel. ________________________ Attorney's Address and Phone Number: ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ Bar No. ____________________ Tel. ________________________ Note: The original Post Confirmation Quarterly Operating Report is to be filed with the Court and a copy simultaneously provided to the United States Trustee. Monthly Operating Reports must be filed by the 20th day of the following month. For assistance in preparing the Post Confirmation Quarterly Operating Report, refer to the following resources on the United States Trustee website: http:// 1) Instructions for Preparing Debtor's Chapter 11 Post confirmation Quarterly Operating Report 2) Initial Filing Requirements 3) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) American LegalNet, Inc. MONTHLY OPERATING REPORT POST CONFIRMATION ATTACHMENT NO. 1 QUESTIONNAIRE YES* 1. 2. 3. 4. Have any assets been sold or transferred outside the normal course of business, or outside the Plan of Reorganization during this reporting period? Are any post-confirmation sales or payroll taxes past due? Are any amounts owed to post-confirmation creditors/vendors over 90 days delinquent? Is the Debtor current on all post-confirmation plan payments? NO *If the answer to any of the above questions is "YES," provide a detailed explanation of each item on a separate sheet. INSURANCE INFORMATION YES 1. 2. Are real and personal property, vehicle/auto, general liability, fire, theft, worker's compensation, and other necessary insurance coverages in effect? Are all premium payments current? *If the answer to any of the above questions is "NO," provide a detailed explanation of each item on a separate sheet. NO* CONFIRMATION OF INSURANCE TYPE of POLICY and CARRIER Period of Coverage Payment Amount and Frequency Delinquency Amount DESCRIBE PERTINENT DEVELOPMENTS, EVENTS, AND MATTERS DURING THIS REPORTING PERIOD: Estimated Date of Filing the Application for Final Decree: ____________________ I declare under penalty of perjury that this statement and the accompanying documents and reports are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. This ___________ day of _________________________ 20_____. _____________________________________ Debtor's Signature American LegalNet, Inc. MONTHLY OPERATING REPORT POST CONFIRMATION ATTACHMENT NO. 2 CHAPTER 11 POST-CONFIRMATION SCHEDULE OF RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS Case Name: Case Number: Date of Plan Confirmation: All items must be answered. Any which do not apply should be answered "none" or "N/A". Quarterly 1. 2. 3. Post Confirmation Total $ $ CASH (Beginning of Period) INCOME or RECEIPTS during the Period DISBURSEMENTS a
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