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Judgment Pursuant To CCP 1710.25 (Sister State) CV-E--123 - California

Judgment Pursuant To CCP 1710.25 (Sister State) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Post Judgment Sacramento Local County .
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Attorney or party without attorney Name, Address & Telephone No. FOR COURT USE ONLY Attorney for (name) SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA County of Sacramento 720 Ninth Street, Room 102 Sacramento, CA 95814-1380 (916) 874-5522 Case Title Case No. Judgment Pursuant to CCP 1710.25 (Sister State) An application has been filed for entry of Judgment based upon Judgment entered in the State of . (name of state): Pursuant to Section 1710.25, Code of Civil Procedure, Judgment is entered in favor of Plaintiff/Judgment Creditor: and against Defendant/Judgment Debtor: for the amount shown in the Application for Entry of Judgment on Sister State Judgment, as follows: a. Amount remaining unpaid on sister state judgment: b. Amount of court filing fee: c. Attorney's fees: d. Accrued interest on sister state judgment: Total amount of judgment (total of a, b, c and d): $ $ $ $ $ Date Deputy Clerk CCP 1710.25 CV/E-123 (REV. 04.10.17) Judgment Pursuant to CCP 1710.25 (Sister State) American LegalNet, Inc.
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