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Order For Transfer Of Lodged Will JDF 704 - Colorado

Order For Transfer Of Lodged Will Form. This is a Colorado form and can be used in Probate Statewide .
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District Court Denver Probate Court _________________________________ County, Colorado Court Address: _____________________________________________________ In the Matter of the Estate of: ________________________________________________________________ COURT USE ONLY Case Number: ________________ Deceased Division: ______ Courtroom: ______ ORDER FOR TRANSFER OF LODGED WILL Upon consideration of the Petition for Transfer of Lodged Will filed by ___________________________________ (name of petitioner) on ______________________ (date), The Court finds: 1. The required notices have been given or waived. 2. Venue is not proper in this Court. The Court orders that the will be transferred to the following Court having probate jurisdiction at the cost of the Petitioner pursuant to C.R.P.P. 23. Name of Court: _____________________________________ State: __________________________ Date: _____________________________ _____________________________________ Judge Magistrate CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I certify that on ________________________ (date) a copy of this Order and Will was sent by certified mail, or its equivalent, to the court list above. ______________________________________ Clerk JDF 704 3/08 ORDER FOR TRANSFER OF LODGED WILL American LegalNet, Inc.
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