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Audio CD Information Sheet And Order Form 13-21200-360 - California

Audio CD Information Sheet And Order Form Form. This is a California form and can be used in General San Bernardino Local County .
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Audio CD Information Sheet and Order Form Purchase of Audio Recording - An electronic audio recording may be provided on some cases in the Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino. Copies of electronically recorded proceedings are available on Audio CD for a cost per disc (See the current Fee Schedule). Requests to purchase an Audio CD of the proceeding may be submitted in the clerk's office at the court location where the hearing was held. NOTE: You must download a player from There is no charge for this download to hear the audio recording. According to Title Eight of the California Rules of Court (Rules 8.917, 8.868, 8.835), Landlord/Tenant, Limited Civil, Small Claims, Misdemeanor and Infraction proceedings are not required to be reported by an Official Court Reporter. In order to provide an accurate record of proceedings, the Court uses For the Record ® (FTR) to produce audio recordings and a copy of the audio recording may be purchased. The court intends to provide Court Reporters for the following case types: Unlimited Civil, Civil Law & Motion, Civil Trials, Child Support, Family Law & Probate. Note: Unlimited Civil matters cannot be Electronically Recorded. Please complete the required information located at the bottom of this notice to request the Audio C.D. and Audio Clip and/or to request "paper transcripts". Ordering of Paper Transcripts- If you wish to purchase paper transcripts of electronically recorded proceedings there are additional requirements. The hearing must have been heard on or after May 06, 2013. You will need to notify the court with the same information as above. The court will upload the audio clip of your hearing to M2ComSys. You must contact them within 5 days or sooner and request an estimate for the costs of the transcripts. Once they have prepared the estimate you will be notified by M2ComSys with the estimate for the costs of the transcripts. You will also be informed of the expected delivery date for the transcripts. The preparation of the transcripts will not begin until they have received your payment. The vendors contact information is: M2ComSys 811 Grier Drive, Suite D, Las Vegas NV 89119, 866 -733-8781 or you may contact them by email at: I understand and agree that I am under no obligation to purchase a paper transcript but if I do; I am responsible for all costs incurred with the preparation of the transcript and will directly contact M2ComSys at: 811 Grier Drive, Suite D, Las Vegas, NV 89119, 866-733-8781 or by email at: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am requesting the Audio C.D. (s) and Audio Clip(s) for case(s) and hearing(s) identified below: Name: Case Name: VS Telephone Number: Court Location: Department: Case Number: Name of Judge: Date(s) of Proceedings: 13-21200-360 (Rev.1/3/17) Audio CD Information Sheet and Order Form - Public Handout for Audio CD's and/or Transcripts American LegalNet, Inc.
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