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Attachment CV 7213 - Tennessee

Attachment Form. This is a Tennessee form and can be used in Civil Court Court Of General Sessions Shelby Local County .
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IN THE COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS SHELBY COUNTY, TENNESSEE Docket No. ____________________ ATTACHMENT I, _______________________________________________________________, plaintiff(s), plaintiff's agent or attorney, do hereby make oath that defendant(s), _________________________________________________________________ _______________________________, is justly indebted to plaintiff(s) in the sum of _______________ dollars, by reason of ___________________________________________ and that it is a just claim, or if the action is for a tort, the damages sued for are justly due the plaintiff(s) as affiant believes but that the true amount of such damages are not ascertained; and, (specify one or more of the statutory grounds set forth in TCA section 29-6- 101)___________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________and the factual allegations to support this ground(s) are as follows: _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________. The property sought to be attached is of the approximate value of _______________ dollars, and is more particularly described as follows: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________. Signature of Affiant Sworn and subscribed before me, this ______ day of _______________, year ______ EDWARD L. STANTON JR., General Sessions Court Clerk By ____________________________ Deputy Clerk ATTACHMENT BOND We, ____________________________________________________________________________________________, principal, and _________________________________________________________surety, do hereby bind ourselves, our heirs and assigns, to _______________________________________________________ defendant(s), in the penal sum of _______________ dollars, upon condition that the plaintiff(s) will prosecute the within attachment with effect, or in case of failure, pay the defendant(s) all costs that may be adjudged against him, and also, all such damages as defendant(s) may sustain by the wrongful suing out of the attachment. This ______ day of _______________, year ______ ________________________________ Principal __________________________________ Surety WRIT OF ATTACHMENT State of Tennessee Shelby County Greetings: Whereas, ____________________________________________________________ hath complained on oath to me, Judge of division ______, Court of General Sessions of Shelby County, Tennessee that To the Sheriff or Any Constable of Shelby County, __________________________________________________________, defendant(s) is justly indebted, or liable, to the said plaintiff(s) in the sum of _______________ dollars, and affidavit having also been made in writing and bond given as required by law in attachment cases, you are hereby commanded to attach so much of the estate of the said defendant(s) as will be of value sufficient to satisfy the debt and costs according to the complaint and affidavit, and particularly the following described property: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________. And such estate, unless replevied, so to secure that the same may be liable to further proceedings thereon to be had in the Court of General Sessions of Shelby County, Tennessee, to be held at the courtrooms of said court on the ______ day of _______________, year _____, at ______m., when and where you will make known how you have executed this writ. ____________________________________________________ Judge of Division ___________ This ______ day of _______________, year ______ American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com BILL OF COSTS General Sessions Court Attachment ....................... ________ Interest.............................. ________ Lit. Tax ............................. ________ Retirement Tax ................. ________ Library Tax ...................... ________ Officer's Fee ..................... ________ Clerk's Fee ........................ ________ Commission ..................... ________ Garnishee Answer ............ ________ Order & Publication ......... ________ Total $ ______ ORDER OF PUBLICATION The defendant ________________ being a non-resident, it is hereby ordered that publication be made for four weeks in the Daily ____________________ for his appearance at my office, _____________________St., in Memphis, on the ______ day of __________, year _____. Judge _________________________ No. _________________ Division _____________ _____________________________________ Plaintiff(s) vs. _____________________________________ Defendant(s) WRIT OF ATTACHMENT Court of General Sessions Issued __________________, year ______ Set for __________________, year ______ at _________m. EDWARD L. STANTON, JR. , Clerk By ___________________________________ Deputy Clerk Reset for ____________________________ Came to hand same day issued and executed by levying this writ upon and attaching the within described property as commanded. This _____ day of _________, year _____ Sheriff/ Private Process Server By ___________________________________ American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com LEVY BY GARNISHMENT Came to hand this same day issued and being unable to find any personal property of the debtor in this county sufficient to satisfy said attachment levied by same the garnishment as required by law, upon ____________________________________________ by summoning him in writing to appear before the Court of General Sessions of Shelby County, Tennessee, Division ______ day of ________________________________________, year ______ and answer the garnishment served on him, a true copy of which garnishment is hereto attached. This ______ day of _______________, year ______ _____________________________________________________ Deputy Sheriff JUDGMENT It is hereby ordered and adjudged that __________________________________________________________________________________________ and ______________________________________________________________________________________shall pay the costs of this cause, for all of which let ex
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