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Summons 1 - North Dakota

Summons Form. This is a North Dakota form and can be used in Simple Divorce District Court Statewide .
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IN DISTRICT COURT, ________________ COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA _________________________________, Plaintiff, vs. _________________________________, Defendant. } } } } } } } SUMMONS Civil No. _____________________ The State of North Dakota to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to appear and defend against the complaint in this action, which (is herewith served upon you) (will be filed with the Clerk of this Court), by serving upon the undersigned an answer or other proper response within twenty one (21) days after the service of the summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fail to do so, judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. NOTICE OF TEMPORARY RESTRAINING PROVISIONS Under Rule 8.4 of the North Dakota Rules of Court, upon service of the summons, you and your spouse, are bound by the restraints following: (1) Neither spouse shall dispose of, sell, encumber, or otherwise dissipate any of the parties' assets, except: (a) (b) For the necessities of life or for the necessary generation of income or preservation of assets; or For retaining counsel to carry on or to contest the proceeding; If a spouse disposes of, sells, encumbers, or otherwise dissipates assets during the interim period, that spouse shall provide to the other spouse an accounting within 30 days. (2) (3) Neither spouse shall harass the other spouse. All currently available insurance coverage must be maintained and continued without change in coverage or beneficiary designation. American LegalNet, Inc. (4) Neither spouse shall remove their minor child(ren) from North Dakota without the written consent of the other spouse or order of the court except for temporary periods. IF EITHER SPOUSE VIOLATES ANY OF THESE PROVISIONS, THAT SPOUSE MAY BE IN CONTEMPT OF COURT. Dated ___________________, 20___. _______________________________________ Clerk of Court _______________________________________ My Signature _______________________________________ Street Address ________________________________________ City/State/Zip American LegalNet, Inc.
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