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How Do I Turn In Sell Or Store My Firearms EA-800-INFO - California

How Do I Turn In Sell Or Store My Firearms Form. This is a California form and can be used in Elder Or Dependent Adult Abuse Judicial Council .
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EA-800-INFO How Do I Turn In, Sell, or Store My Firearms? 1 What is a firearm? A firearm is a: · Handgun · Rifle · Shotgun · Assault weapon 2 If you own or have a firearm you must: · Turn it in to local law enforcement · Sell it to a licensed firearms dealer, or · Store it with a licensed firearms dealer 3 How do I sell or store my firearm? Find a California licensed firearms dealer in your area. Look under "Firearms Dealers" in your local Yellow Pages or on the Internet. Make sure the dealer is licensed. 4 How do I take my firearm to law enforcement? Call your local law enforcement agency to ask about their procedures. Take a copy of the restraining order with you. Go directly to the law enforcement agency. Do not go anywhere else with firearms in your vehicle! 5 If I turn my firearm in to law enforcement, how long will they keep it? Ask the law enforcement agency. 6 After I give my firearm to law enforcement, can I change my mind? Yes. You are allowed to make one sale through a licensed gun dealer. To do this, a licensed gun dealer must present a bill of sale to your local law enforcement agency. The law enforcement agency will give the licensed gun dealer the firearm you are selling. 7 Do I have to pay the law enforcement agency to keep my firearm? You may have to pay the agency for keeping your firearm. Contact your local law enforcement agency and ask if a fee is charged. The agency will tell you how much you need to pay. 8 Questions? Call your local law enforcement agency: (Insert local information here.) Judicial Council of California, Rev. July 1, 2014, Optional Form How Do I Turn In, Sell, or Store My Firearms? (Elder or Dependent Adult AbusePrevention) EA-800-INFO, Page 1 of 1 American LegalNet, Inc.
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