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Business Entities Records Order Form - California

Business Entities Records Order Form Form. This is a California form and can be used in Domestic Corporations Corporations Secretary Of State .
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Instructions for Completing the Business Entities Records ­ Order Form Business Search: For free online access to corporate, limited liability company and limited partnership information, go to the California Secretary of State's Business Search at Available information on the Business Search includes: · The complete entity name, entity number, registration date, status, jurisdiction (state, foreign country or other place where the entity is formed), entity address, entity mailing address and name and address of the agent for service of process. Note: If the agent for service of process of a limited liability company is a registered corporate agent, to get the service of process address of the registered corporation agent you must order a Status Report using this Business Entities Records ­ Order Form. If imaged, free plain (uncertified) PDF copies of corporation and limited liability company Statements of Information filed with and retained by the California Secretary of State. · Complete the Business Entities Records ­ Order Form as follows: Item 1. Requestor's Information Instruction Type or clearly print the requestor's information. If you are dropping off this request in person at our office, also indicate return method. Complete this section with entity details. Tips Results of mail-in requests will be returned by mail. 2. Order Details "Other" types may include: foreign associations, unincorporated associations, unincorporated nonprofit associations, foreign name registrations, foreign partnerships, and foreign lending institutions. · Formation/Registration: Document that initially formed or registered the entity with the California Secretary of State. · Articles & Amendments: Formation/Registration and Amendment documents of record with the California Secretary of State for the entity. Amendment documents include restated articles, mergers, dissolutions, cancellations, etc. · Complete Statement of Information: Provides entity address(es), member/manager or director/officer names and addresses, agent for service of process, etc. · No change Statement of Information: Indicates there has been no change in information since the last complete Statement of Information. No detail provided. · All Documents and Statements of Information: Record will include all of the entity's documents on record with the California Secretary of State. · Copy of ______________ : Enter the title of a single document (i.e., agent resignation, certificate of cancellation, etc.) along with the file date, if available. 3. Copy Requests Enter the number of copies (plain or certified) requested. · Copy Fees: Copies of documents are $1.00 for the first page, $0.50 for each additional page, with the exception of copies of Statements of Information (corporations and limited liability companies only) which are $1.00 for the first page of each statement, and $0.50 for each additional page (if any). · Certified copies are $5.00, in addition to the copy fees. BE Records Requests - Instructions (Rev. 07/2017) American LegalNet, Inc. California Secretary of State (916) 657-5448 4. Certificates/Status Reports Enter the number that you are ordering for each item. The fees for certificates/status reports are as follows: · Certificate of Status - $5.00 each entity · Certificate of Filing of All Documents $5.00 per document listed · Certificate of No Record - $5.00 each · Status Report - $4.00 each entity 5. FAX (Optional) The fees to receive a FAX of the requested information are as follows. · Domestic (in U.S.) FAX return - $5.00, in addition to copy/certificate fees. · Foreign (outside of U.S.) FAX return $10.00, in addition to copy/certificate fees. · In addition to the FAX, you will be sent hard-copies of the requested information. · Certified copies will not be faxed as the certification stamp is on the back of the document. Fees: · Calculate Fees: Calculate the total fee for your order. - If the number of pages for copies OR total fee is unknown, you may provide a blank check with "NOT TO EXCEED $30.00" written below the amount payable line. - If insufficient funds are provided, the request will be returned with a letter showing the total amount due. · Counter Drop Off: A separate, non-refundable $10.00 special handling fee per entity is required if you submit in person (drop off) your order form at our Sacramento office. The $10.00 special handling fee provides priority service over orders submitted by mail. The special handling fee is not refundable whether the order is completed or not completed. Payment Type: Check(s) or money orders should be payable to the Secretary of State. Do not send cash by mail. If submitting the request in person at our Sacramento office, payment also may be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). · Where to Submit Request: All copy and certificate requests are processed only in the Secretary of State's Sacramento office. Mail order form & payment to: Secretary of State BE Certification and Records P.O. Box 944260 Sacramento, CA 94244-2600 · · OR Drop off order form & payment to: Secretary of State 1500 11th Street, 3rd floor, Room 345 Sacramento, CA 95814 Orders cannot be changed or cancelled once submitted. Email or online requests for copies/certificates are not accepted. Processing Times: For current processing dates, go to American LegalNet, Inc. BE Records Requests - Instructions (Rev. 07/2017) California Secretary of State (916) 657-5448 Secretary of State Business Programs Division Business Entities - Records, P.O. Box 944260, Sacramento, CA 94244-2600 Business Entities Records - Order Form ORDERS CANNOT BE CHANGED OR CANCELLED ONCE SUBMITTED 1. Requestor's Information Date:________________ Individual's name:________________________________________________________ Firm name (if any): _______________________________________________________ Return address: _________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________ 10-digit telephone number: ( 2. Order Details Entity name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Secretary of State Entity/File Number (recommended): ___________________________________________ Entity type (Check 1 box): Corporation Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership General Partnership ) State: __
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