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Mortgage Foreclosure Case Management Form CCCH 0005 - Illinois

Mortgage Foreclosure Case Management Form Form. This is a Illinois form and can be used in Chancery Cook Local County .
 Fillable pdf Last Modified 6/18/2014

Print Form Clear Form Mortgage Foreclosure Case Management Form MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE CASE MANAGEMENT FORM Case Management Conference Date: CASE NUMBER: CALENDAR NUMBER: ________________________________________, Plaintiff(s) v. DATE FILED: (03/28/14) CCCH 0005 TYPE OF PROPERTY: Vacant land Vacant residential (6 units or less) Vacant residential single-family home or condominium Owner occupied, mixed commercial/residential (6 units or less) Owner occupied single-family home or condominium ________________________________________, Defendant(s). Non-owner occupied singlefamily home or condominium Owner occupied (6 units or less) Multi-unit residential (7 units or more) Commercial, mixed commercial/residential or industrial PROPERTY ADDRESS: OCCUPANTS: Mortgagor(s) Served All Other Defendants Served Appearances (Names and Dates) Filings (Answers, Counterclaims, Affirmative Defenses) Status Yes Date: Location: No Yes Date: Type: No Pro se: Attorneys (Identify party represented): Mortgagor(s): Other Defendant(s): Type: Reinstatement: Loss Mitigation: JFS: Dates Last Order: Sale Scheduled: Pending Motions: Motions Briefing Complete: Basis & Date: Case on Hold Priority (Mortgages and/or judgments): Other Issues Mechanics Lien: Yes Date: Mortgagee Placed in Possession? No Date: Receiver Appointed? Yes No REVIEWED AND APPROVED BY SUPERVISING ATTORNEY Print Name: Payoff: Next Date: OAS Scheduled: Hearing Date: Name: Date(s) Reports(s) Filed: Next Report Due: Signature: DOROTHY BROWN, CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS
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