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Dispossessory Affidavit - Georgia

Dispossessory Affidavit Form. This is a Georgia form and can be used in Dawson Local County .
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IN THE MAGISTRATE COURT OF DAWSON COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA DISPOSSESSORY AFFIDAVIT Case Number: ____________________________________ Plaintiff Name: ____________________________________ Address: ___________________________________ * Defendant * * Name: ___________________________________ Address: _________________________________ _________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code Phone: ___________________________________ __________________________________________ * City, State, Zip Code Phone: _____________________________________ Personally appeared the undersigned affiant who on oath says that affiant is owner, attorney, agent for plaintiff herein, and Defendant(s) is/are in possession as tenant of premises at the address stated above, in Dawson County, the property of said plaintiff(s). FURTHER: Circle applicable claim(s) (a) THAT tenant fails to pay the rent which is now past due; (b) THAT tenant holds the premises over and beyond the term for which they were rented or leased to him/her. (c) THAT tenant is a tenant at sufferance; (d) THAT plaintiff(s) is/are entitled to recover any and all rent that may come due until this action is finally concluded. Plaintiff(s) desires and has demanded possession of the premises and defendant(s) has/have failed and refused to deliver said possession. WHEREFORE; the Plaintiff(s) demand(s) (a) possession of the premises; (b) past due rent of $______________________________________ (c) Attorney Fees in the amount of $__________________________ (d) Rent accruing up to the date of judgment or vacancy at the rate of (e) court costs of $_______________________________________ (f) Other: per day. Sworn to and subscribed before me, This _________ day of ________________, 20______. _________________________________________ Affiant [ ] Owner [ ] Attorney at Law [ ] Agent [ ] Attesting Official/Clerk ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SUMMONS To: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Pursuant to law, you are hereby notified to be in the Magistrate Court of Dawson County, WITHIN SEVEN (7) DAYS after service thereof, to answer in writing or orally at said time, and to set forth whatever legal or equitable defense or counterclaim you may have to this Dispossessory proceeding. If you do not answer in SEVEN (7) DAYS, a Writ of Possession will be issued against you. If the last day for answering falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a Legal Holiday, such time continues through the next working day of the court. This ______________ day of _______________________, 20______. __________________________________________ Clerk, Magistrate Court American LegalNet, Inc.
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