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Notice Directing Defendant To Appear For Arraignment Calendar CR-43 - California

Notice Directing Defendant To Appear For Arraignment Calendar Form. This is a California form and can be used in Criminal USDC Central Federal .
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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v. NOTICE DIRECTING DEFENDANT TO APPEAR FOR ARRAIGNMENT CALENDAR CASE NUMBER PLAINTIFF DEFENDANT(S) To: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED AND DIRECTED to appear before United States Duty Magistrate Judge Courtroom No. 255 E. Temple Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 894-8288 , floor, United States Courthouse located at: 411 W. Fourth Street Santa Ana, CA 92701 (714) 338-4750 3470 Twelfth Street Riverside, CA 92501 (951) 328-0000 , at which time you shall be arraigned on the above on at Indictment / Information. Upon arraignment, your case will be assigned to a judge of this court before whom you must be prepared to appear on the same day and enter a plea. If you fail to appear at the date, time and place indicated, your present bond will be forfeited and the court will issue a warrant for your arrest. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE RETAINED COUNSEL: has been tentatively assigned to Attorney represent you in this matter provided there is a finding that you are without sufficient funds to retain a private attorney and upon approval of the Court. If you have already retained a private attorney, show this notice to your attorney at once and contact the assigned attorney and the Deputy Clerk immediately at the designated location above. Clerk, U. S. District Court By Date Kiry K. Gray, Clerk of Court Bail Status: cc: Defendant Defense Attorney Assistant U.S. Attorney G PSALA, G PSASA, G PSAED Bond Detention Interpreter: Yes Language Rule 5 - in from: American LegalNet, Inc. CR-43 (10/15) NOTICE DIRECTING DEFENDANT TO APPEAR FOR ARRAIGNMENT CALENDAR
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