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Motion For Entry Of Judgment On Stipulation JDF 91 - Colorado

Motion For Entry Of Judgment On Stipulation Form. This is a Colorado form and can be used in Forcible Entry And Detainer-Eviction Statewide .
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Small Claims Court County Court District Court of ___________________________ County, Colorado Court Address: Petitioner: and Co-Petitioner/Respondent: Attorney or Party Without Attorney (Name and Address): COURT USE ONLY Case Number: Phone Number: FAX Number: E-mail: Atty. Reg. #: Division Courtroom MOTION FOR ENTRY OF JUDGMENT ON STIPULATION 1. I request the Court please take notice that (name of party) has failed to comply with the terms of the Stipulation which was made an Order of the Court on _________________(date) in the above captioned case. 2. That party failed to comply with the following term(s) of the Stipulation: 3. Complete this section only if the Stipulation contains these terms: As required by the terms of the Stipulation, prior to filing this Motion, I have given the other party written notice of his/her failure to comply with the Stipulation, and I have given him/her an opportunity to come into compliance with the Stipulation. This notice was provided to the other party on ______________(date) and a copy of the notice is attached with this Motion. The other party has continued his/her failure to comply despite receiving this notice. 4. I am asking the Court to: In a money case: Enter judgment against the other party in the total amount of $ balance due). This amount reflects the agreed upon amount in the Stipulation of $ including interest, attorney fees, other costs, etc. (if applicable) less payments made of $ Please provide the applicable information below as to the total balance due: Principal: Interest: Court Costs and Service Fees: JDF 91 10/13 MOTION FOR ENTRY OF JUDGMENT ON STIPULATION ©2013 Colorado Judicial Department for use in the Courts of Colorado (total current . $__________________ $__________________ $__________________ American LegalNet, Inc. Attorney Fees: Other (describe): _____________________________ $__________________ $__________________ TOTAL BALANCE DUE: $__________________ In an eviction case: Enter a judgment for possession of the real property which is the subject of this case. The property is located at: ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. I understand that I must serve a copy of this Motion on the other party before this Motion is filed with the Court and fill-out the certificate of service below. __________________________________________ Signature Date __________________________________________ Address __________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code __________________________________________ (Area Code) Home Telephone Number __________________________________________ (Area Code) Work Telephone Number CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I certify that on __________________ (date) a true and accurate copy of this MOTION FOR ENTRY OF JUDGMENT ON STIPULATION was served on the other party by: Hand Delivery E-filed Faxed to this number ____________________ or by placing it in the United States mail, postage pre-paid, and addressed to the following: _________________________________ _________________________________ Signature JDF 91 10/13 MOTION FOR ENTRY OF JUDGMENT ON STIPULATION ©2013 Colorado Judicial Department for use in the Courts of Colorado American LegalNet, Inc.
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