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Motion For Entry Of Judgment JDF 104 - Colorado

Motion For Entry Of Judgment Form. This is a Colorado form and can be used in Forcible Entry And Detainer-Eviction Statewide .
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County Court District Court _______________________ County, Colorado Court Address: Plaintiff(s): v. Defendant(s): Attorney or Party Without Attorney (Name and Address): COURT USE ONLY Case Number: Phone Number: FAX Number: E-mail: Atty. Reg. #: Division Courtroom MOTION FOR ENTRY OF JUDGMENT The Plaintiff(s) _____________________________________ motion(s) this Court to enter a default judgment against the Defendant(s) _____________________________________. The following are due per the Complaint and/or possession of the premises located at ______________________________________________________ Principal ______________ Interest Attorney Fees Court Costs and Process Service Fee Possession of Premises ______________ ______________ ______________ Yes No ______________ Total VERIFICATION AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT I swear/affirm under oath, and under penalty of perjury, that I have read the forgoing MOTION FOR DEFAULT JUDGMENT and that the statements set forth therein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Confessed Judgment: ________________________________________ Defendant(s) Date _____________________________________________ Plaintiff(s) or Attorney Date Subscribed and affirmed, or sworn to before me in the County of ________________________, State of ____________________, this _______, day of ________________, 20 ____. My Commission Expires: _____________ ______________________________________ Notary Public/Clerk JDF 104 R10/13 MOTION FOR ENTRY OF JUDGMENT ©2013 Colorado Judicial Department for use in the Courts of Colorado American LegalNet, Inc.
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