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Notice of Appeal - Washington

Notice of Appeal Form. This is a Washington form and can be used in Appellate Statewide .
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Form 1. Notice of Appeal (Trial Court Decision) [Rule 5.3a] SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR [________] COUNTY [Name of plaintiff], Plaintiff, v. [Name of defendant], Defendant. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) No. [trial court] Notice of Appeal to [Supreme Court or Court of Appeals] [Name of party seeking review], [plaintiff or defendant], seeks review by the designated appellate court of the [Describe the decision or part of decision which the party wants reviewed for example, "Judgment", "Paragraph 4 of the marriage dissolution decree".] entered on [date of entry.] A copy of the decision is attached to this notice. [Date] Signature _______________________________ Attorney for [Plaintiff or Defendant] [Name, address, telephone number, and Washington State Bar Association membership number of attorney for petitioner and the name and address of counsel for each other party should be listed here. In a criminal case, the name and address of the defendant should also be listed here. See rule 5.3(c).] American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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