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Petition For Ex Parte Income Withholding Order DRWA11f - Arizona

Petition For Ex Parte Income Withholding Order Form. This is a Arizona form and can be used in Family Law Superior Court Maricopa Local County .
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(1) Name of Person Filing Petition Mailing Address City, State, Zip Daytime/Evening Phone ATLAS Number (if applicable) In this case I am Plaintiff Respondent Attorney Name Represented by Attorney Bar No. FOR CLERK'S USE ONLY SUPERIOR COURT OF ARIZONA IN MARICOPA COUNTY (2) Name of Petitioner (in original case) (3)CASE NO: PETITION FOR EX PARTE INCOME WITHHOLDING ORDER A.R.S. §25-504 Name of Respondent (in original case) On (4) (date),(5) pay support, was ordered in (6) Court") in (7) (8) $ $ $ $ , the person ordered to (name of court, example: "Superior (location of court: county and state) to pay: monthly child support payment monthly spousal maintenance payment monthly child support arrearage payment monthly spousal maintenance arrearage payment (9) I request that an Ex Parte Income Withholding Order be issued because: (check all that apply) I am the person entitled to the support or I represent the agency entitled to collect the support, and there is no existing Income Withholding Order A past due obligation exists for child support, spousal support, spousal support arrears or interest and I request payment on past due support in the amount of $ per month I am the person required to pay the support and there is no existing Income Withholding Order, and I hereby voluntarily request an Income Withholding Order be issued for payment of my obligation. STATE OF ARIZONA County of Maricopa ) ) ss. Signed and sworn to or affirmed and acknowledged before me this date: Notary Expiration Date Dated (10) Notary Public or Clerk Signature of person requesting Assignment Name of Agency if Applicable © Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County ALL RIGHTS RESERVED DRWA11f-041212 Page 1 of 1 American LegalNet, Inc. WAH
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