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Request for Abstract Of Judgment - Texas

Request for Abstract Of Judgment Form. This is a Texas form and can be used in Galveston Local County .
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J OHN D . K IN AR D DISTRICT CLERK GALVESTON COUNTY REQUEST FOR ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT Please process this request to have Judgment against the Defendant/Respondent abstracted. The information below is to be stated on the abstract. Date: Cause Number: Style: Vs. JUDGMENT CREDITOR INFORMATION: Name of Judgment Creditor in Judgment: Judgment Creditor Address : JUDGMENT DEBTOR INFORMATION: Name of Judgment Debtor in Judgment: Judgment Debtor's Address: Judgment Debtor DOB: Last three numbers of Driver's License No.: Last four numbers of Social Security No.: JUDGMENT INFORMATION Date of Judgment: Amount of Judgment: Post Judgment Interest Rate: Attorney's Fees: Amount of Costs: Amount of Credits: Balance Due on Judgment: REQUESTED BY: Attorney or Judgment Creditor Name: Law Firm (if applicable): Address: Hold for Pickup SIGNATURE OF PERSON REQUESTING ABSTRACT: Please return this request along with $8 fee to: JOHN D. KINARD, District Clerk American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Court: Return by Mail
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