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Request For Special Notice LBF-23 - Montana

Request For Special Notice Form. This is a Montana form and can be used in Bankruptcy Court Federal .
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Mont. LBF 23. REQUEST FOR SPECIAL NOTICE. [Mont. LBR 2002-2] Name of Attorney Office Mailing Address Telephone Number Facsimile Number E-Mail Address State Bar I.D. Number (Attorney for _________ ) UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MONTANA ) Case No. ) ) Debtor(s) ) _____________________________________________________________________________ REQUEST FOR SPECIAL NOTICE _____________________________________________________________________________ Pursuant to Rule 2002(i) and (g), F.R.B.P., ______________________, a creditor/party in interest in the above-entitled bankruptcy case, hereby requests that all matters which must be noticed to creditors, any creditors' committees, and any other parties in interest, whether sent by the Court, the Debtors or any other party in the case, be sent or delivered to the undersigned; and pursuant to Rule 2002(g), that the following be added to the Court's service list: Name of Attorney/Party in Interest Address E-Mail Address Phone Number Fax Number Such notices shall include notices by mail, telephone, facsimile, or any other means of electronic transmission, and the notices requested shall include, but are not limited to, all notices relating to the matters set forth in Rule 2002; matters relating to any motion for the appointment of a trustee, or conversion or dismissal of the case; matters relating to the proposing or confirming of a plan; matters relating to adequate protection and the Debtor's obtaining of credit under 11 U.S.C. § 361 or 364; and matters relating to the use, sale or lease of property under 11 U.S.C. § 363, or the assumption or rejection of executory contracts or unexpired leases under 11 U.S.C. § 365. In re American LegalNet, Inc. DATED this ___ day of __________, 20___. _______________________________ Attorney for _____/Party in Interest CERTIFICATE OF MAILING I, the undersigned, ____________________, do hereby certify under penalty of perjury that a copy of the within and foregoing Request for Special Notice was sent by first class mail postage prepaid on the ___ day of ______, 20___, at ____________, Montana, and directed to the following: [Insert the name and address of each individual or entity served.] ________________________________ [Name of person certifying the mailing] [Must comply with Mont. LBR 9013-1(d)(2), by reflecting the name and address of each party served, and by being signed "under penalty of perjury" and by identifying the document served. All creditors should also be served with this Request.] American LegalNet, Inc.
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