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Affidavit Of Noncompliance SH-0522 - New York

Affidavit Of Noncompliance Form. This is a New York form and can be used in Civil Court New York Local County .
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COUNTY OF _______________ CIVIL COURT OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK HOUSING PART:________________ Index No. L & T ___________ ______________________________________________ Petitioner/Landlord ______________________________________________ Respondent/Tenant SS: AGAINST COUNTY OF _______________________________ PRINT LAST NAME STATE OF NEW YORK ______________________________________________________, duly sworn, deposes and says: PRINT FIRST NAME } AFFIDAVIT OF NONCOMPLIANCE 1. I am the petitioner/landlord of 4. The respondent has not complied with ­ all / part (specify: 3. On________________ day of____________________ 20_____, a final judgment of possession was entered, on consent, in favor of the petitioner, the execution of which was stayed pursuant to a stipulation of that date, duly signed and filed with this court. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ the terms of said stipulation. Any stay that may be effect should accelerate according to the terms of said stipulation and, therefore, a warrant of eviction should issue forthwith to the Sheriff of the City of New York. Sworn to before me this ________________ __________________________________________________________________________________) 2. I am familiar with the facts and circumstances of the instant legal proceeding. ___________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ (Print name beneath signature) day of ___________________, 20_____ Visit Finance at SH-0522 03.03.14 American LegalNet, Inc.
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