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Notice Of Delinquent Quarterly Fees LBF-12-B - Montana

Notice Of Delinquent Quarterly Fees Form. This is a Montana form and can be used in Bankruptcy Court Federal .
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Mont. LBF 12-B. NOTICE OF DELINQUENT QUARTERLY FEES. [Mont. LBR 3020-1] Name of Attorney Office of United States Trustee Liberty Center, Suite 204 Great Falls, MT 59401 Phone (406) 761-8777 Fax (406) 761-8895 E-Mail Address State Bar I.D. Number (Attorney for United States Trustee) UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MONTANA ) Case No. ) ) Debtor(s). ) _____________________________________________________________________________ NOTICE OF DELINQUENT QUARTERLY FEES _____________________________________________________________________________ The Office of the United States Trustee hereby notifies the Court, pursuant to Mont. LBR 3020-1, that the above-named Debtor in Possession has not paid its quarterly fees for the _________ quarter of 20___, which became due and payable under 28 U.S.C. ยง 1930(a)(6) on the _____ day of ___________, 20___. Pursuant to Mont. LBR 3020-1, the Court is requested to order the Debtor in Possession to show cause why this case should not be dismissed or converted to Chapter 7. DATED this ____ day of ______________, 20___. In re _________________________________ [Name of Attorney] American LegalNet, Inc.
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