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Reinstatement Or Reviver Domestic Or Foreign Corporation Application - Montana

Reinstatement Or Reviver Domestic Or Foreign Corporation Application Form. This is a Montana form and can be used in Corporation Business Filing Secretary Of State .
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SECRETARY OF STATE STATE OF MONTANA LINDA McCULLOCH Montana State Capitol PO Box 202801 Helena, MT 59620-2801 (406)444-3665 Business Services Division Re: (exact name of Corporation or Limited Liability Company being reinstated) To bring your domestic Corporation/LLC back into compliance with state statutes, you will need to submit an application for reinstatement, any delinquent annual reports, and a Title 15 tax clearance certificate (see reinstatement application for tax certificate requirement), along with the required filing fees. Also, if you had any Assumed Business Names/dba's for your Corporation/LLC, you will need to complete and submit a new registration for them, because they were canceled at the time of your dissolution. Please fill out all forms and submit them all together along with the appropriate filing fees to the Secretary of State's office at the above address. YOUR COST FOR REINSTATEMENT Filing fee for Reinstatement (see reinstatement application for appropriate filing fees) $ $ Express Handling Fee (only if applicable) (see reinstatement application for express handling fees) Filing fees for Annual Reports (for years marked) ___________ 2007 ($30.00) ___________ 2010 ($30.00) ___________ 2008 ($30.00) ___________ 2011 ($30.00) ___________ 2009 ($30.00) ___________ 2012 ($15.00 if between January 1st & April 15th $30.00 after April 15th) Total for all Annual Reports Total for Assumed Business Names (if applicable) ($20.00 per Assumed Business Name application) Total for Reinstatement $ $ $ Please note: For most reinstatements a Title 15 Tax Clearance certificate must be obtained from the Department of Revenue (see reinstatement application for tax certificate requirement). We have enclosed instructions and a request form for obtaining the certificate. You must include the signed original of the Title 15 Certificate with your reinstatement packet. If you have any further questions, please give our customer service representatives a call at 444-3665. Reception: (406) 444-2034 - Business Services Bureau: 444-3665 - Elections Bureau: 444-4732 Administrative Rules Bureau: 444-2055 - Records Management Bureau (1320 Bozeman Avenue): 444-9000 Fax: 444-3976 Reinstatement_Packet.doc Revised: 03/08/2012 American LegalNet, Inc. STATE OF MONTANA REINSTATEMENT or REVIVER DOMESTIC or FOREIGN CORPORATION APPLICATION MAIL: Prepare, sign and submit with an original signature and filing fee. This is the minimum information required. (This space for use by the Secretary of State only) LINDA McCULLOCH Secretary of State P.O. Box 202801 Helena, MT 59620-2801 (406) 444-3665 (406) 444-3976 Filing Fee: Dom. Reinstatement $30.00 plus Annual Reports Dom. Nonprofit Reinstatement $10.00 plus Annual Reports Domestic & Foreign Reviver $15.00 plus Annual Reports PHONE: FAX: WEB SITE: 24 Hour Priority Handling check box and Add $20.00 1 Hour Expedite Handling check box and Add $100.00 PLEASE CHECK ONE BOX: Domestic Reinstatement (35-6-201, MCA) Domestic Nonprofit Reinstatement (35-6-201, MCA) Domestic Reviver (15-31-524, MCA) Foreign Reviver (15-31-524, MCA) 1. The exact name of the corporation is: _____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. The assets of the corporation have not been liquidated pursuant to Sections 35-1-938 through 35-1-943, MCA, if a profit corporation, or Sections 35-2-726 through 35-2-727, MCA, if a nonprofit corporation. Not less than a majority of its directors have authorized this Application of Reinstatement or Reviver If the corporate name has been legally acquired by another corporation prior to its application for reinstatement, the corporation desires to be reinstated with the new name of: (It is not necessary to complete this unless the business name has been taken by another entity.) 3. 4. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. For Domestic or Foreign Reviver: The corporation submits with this application a Certificate of Reinstatement of Suspended Corporation obtained from the Department of Revenue evidencing payment of delinquent taxes. For Domestic Reinstatement: The corporation submits a certificate from the Department of Revenue stating that all taxes imposed pursuant to Title 15, MCA, have been paid as well as the delinquent annual corporation reports for which the corporation was dissolved, with their respective filing fees. I HEREBY SWEAR AND AFFIRM, under penalty of law, that the facts contained in this application are true. ______________________________________________________________ Signature of Officer or Chair of the Board _____________________________________________ Exact Name and Title of Authorized Person Daytime Contact phone: ________________________ Email: ________________________________________________ ___________________________________ Date 6. 7. 39-Reinstatement_or_Reviver_Domestic_or_Foreign.doc Revised: 03/12/2012 American LegalNet, Inc. HELP SHEET: Reinstatement or Reviver, Domestic or Foreign, Application This form is to be used to revive any corporation having suffered a suspension or forfeiture or to reinstate any dissolved corporation, restoring its right to transact business in Montana. Application for reviver is to be made by any stockholder or creditor of the corporation or by a majority of the surviving trustees or directors less than one year from the date of suspension or forfeiture. If more than a year elapses before an application for reviver is submitted, the corporation shall pay twice the amount of the tax and penalties due the state for the taxable year for which they were delinquent. For reinstatement, this form is to be completed by a person who was an officer or director of the corporation at the time of its dissolution not more than five years after the dissolution. 39-Reinstatement_or_Reviver_Domestic_or_Foreign.doc Revised: 03/12/2012 American LegalNet, Inc. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Please type or print clearly when filling out this form. ALL INFORMATION PUBLIC All information provided, including names and addresses of the principals of the entity, will be made available on the Secretary of State's web site or upon request. L
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