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Answer To Civil Union Complaint And Notice Of Appearance (With Children) 837CU - Vermont

Answer To Civil Union Complaint And Notice Of Appearance (With Children) Form. This is a Vermont form and can be used in Family Court Statewide .
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Form 837CU Kids STATE OF VERMONT SUPERIOR COURT ______________ Unit Plaintiff Name DOB FAMILY DIVISION Docket No.______________ Defendant Name DOB v. NOTICE OF APPEARANCE and INTENT TO REPRESENT MYSELF I intend to represent myself and hereby enter my appearance with the court. No attorney will represent me in this case unless an attorney or I notify the court otherwise. I understand that IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO: 1. Notify the Court in writing if I change my address or phone number; and 2. Send copies of any papers I file with the court to the other party in this case. All court papers may be mailed to me by first class mail at the address listed below. My Street Address My Mailing Address (if different): Town/City State Zip Town/City Phone Number (day) State Zip Phone Number (day) E Mail Address ANSWER TO COMPLAINT I am the Defendant in this case. This is my answer to the facts in the Plaintiff's Complaint: (Please refer to the Plaintiff's Complaint and check whether you agree or disagree with the facts in each paragraph of the complaint.) 1. Residence a) Plaintiff's residence: Agree Disagree b) My residence: Agree Disagree 2. Date and Place of Civil Union: Agree Disagree 3. Grounds for Dissolution: Agree Disagree Agree Disagree 4. Minor Children of the Parties: 5. Facts related to UCCJA Jurisdiction: Agree Disagree American LegalNet, Inc. 6. Property, Assets and Debts: I have listed all of the property, assets and debts that the other party and I own either jointly or solely that are known to me, in the Financial Affidavit that I am filing with this Answer. 7. Public Assistance: Agree Disagree Don't know Agree Disagree 8. Earlier Actions for Dissolution: 9. Relief from Abuse or protective order proceedings: Agree Disagree Agree Disagree 10. Military Status: If you disagree with any of the facts in Plaintiff's complaint, please write the paragraph number below and state the facts you believe to be true: COUNTERCLAIM Based on the facts stated above, I ask that the Family Court grant me: (check each box that applies) 1. Decree of Dissolution 2. Parental Right and Responsibilities Legal parental rights and responsibilities: Shared jointly Given solely to: Myself Plaintiff Physical parental rights and responsibilities: Shared jointly Given solely to: Myself Plaintiff 3. Parent Child Contact for Myself Plaintiff 4. Child support, medical support and/or maintenance supplement. 5. Division of Property (divide our marital property, assets and debts). 6. Spousal Maintenance (Alimony). 7. Court costs. 8. Attorney fees. 9. Name change: I would like to resume my former name of: ____________________. I hereby swear or affirm that the information above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Signature of Defendant Date Signed and sworn to or affirmed before me: Date Signature of Notary Public Expiration Date American LegalNet, Inc.
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