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Request To Decrease Collateral Order - Tennessee

Request To Decrease Collateral Order Form. This is a Tennessee form and can be used in Criminal Court - General Sessions Court Davidson Local County .
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IN THE CRIMINAL COURT FOR DAVIDSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE DIVISION _______ IN THE MATTER OF ________________________________ ] ] ] ORDER The above named bail bonding company has requested permission to decrease its collateral on file with the Clerk to decrease its bond capacity. Upon review of the information from the Clerk, and the approval of the District Attorney, the Court grants the request to decrease the bonding Company's collateral to $____________________. Enter this ___________ day of _____________________, 20______. _____________________________ JUDGE APPROVED: ________________________________ No. _____________ Assistant District Attorney General __________________________________________________________________ REQUEST FOR PERMISSION TO DECREASE COLLATERAL The ____________________________________________ requests permission to (Print name of bonding company) Decrease its collateral from $________________ to $______________________. __________________________________ (Signature of owner of company) __________________________________ (Print name of owner of company) DATE: _______________________ __________________________________________________________________ CLERK'S CERTIFICATION OF BAIL BONDING COMPANY The following information is presently on file for the above named bail bonding company Collateral on File: Available Bonding Capacity: Amount of Total Forfeitures Pending: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Percentage of Forefeiture to Collateral: ______________________________________________ I CERTIFY THAT THE FOREGOING FIGURES ARE BASED ON THE MOST RECENT INFORMATION COMPILED AND MAINTAINED BY THE DAVIDSON COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT CLERK. _____________________________________ Deputy Clerk DATE:__________________ American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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