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Plea In Absentia CRIM-203 - California

Plea In Absentia Form. This is a California form and can be used in Amador Local County .
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AMADOR COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT 500 ARGONAUT LANE JACKSON, CA 95642 (209) 257-2603 FOR COURT USE ONLY , Petitioner, vs. , Respondent. CASE NUMBER: PLEA IN ABSENTIA DEFENDANT'S CERTIFICATION I certify that I have read the attached Advisement of Rights entirely, that I understand it; that my attorney has orally explained it to me; that I have personally and voluntarily placed the answers in the boxes and I enter a plea of _______________________ to the charge(s) of __________________________________________________________. I authorize and direct my attorney, ____________________________, to enter to the court in my absence my plea and admit any prior convictions and/or any enhancements as indicated on the attached waiver form(s). My attorney is further authorized and directed to waive time for sentencing, and to receive the sentence in my absence. I specifically waive my right to personally enter my plea; I waive my right to be personally present when the sentence is imposed. I waive my right to delay sentencing not less than six hours or more than five days after entry of the plea, and I waive my right to personally address the court in mitigation of any sentence which may be imposed. I authorize my attorney to accept any probationary conditions on my behalf. DATED: ______________________ __________________________________ Defendant's Signature ATTORNEY'S CERTIFICATION I certify that I am the attorney of record for the defendant; that I have fully discussed the matters on the attached Advisement of Rights with the defendant and advised the defendant thereon; that the above representations are the defendant's own; that I believe the plea and waivers were intelligently, voluntarily and expressly made; that I join in the plea and waivers, and that the above signature and the signature on the waiver form, if not notarized, were made in my presence. I stipulate there is a factual basis for the plea, and that time is waived for judgment and sentencing. I have discussed potential conditions of probation with the defendant and I am satisfied that he/she understands them. DATED: ______________________ __________________________________ Attorney's Signature FINDINGS AND ORDER This document having been completed and presented to the Court; the Court being satisfied that the plea and waivers were expressly, intelligently and voluntarily made; and the Court finding that there is factual basis for said plea, the Court accepts such plea and enters it on the record. DATED: ______________________ __________________________________ Judge of the Superior Court PLEA IN ABSENTIA- (Rev. 2/20/14)-CRIM-203 American LegalNet, Inc. 1
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