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Application For Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluator CC-Form-862 - Oklahoma

Application For Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluator Form. This is a Oklahoma form and can be used in Workers Comp .
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CC-FORM-862 VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION SERVICES (VRS) REGISTRY FORM WORKERS' COMPENSATION COMMISSION ATTENTION: HEALTH SERVICES DIVISION N S A Ok a ma Ci y, OK 73 0 Please complete the following, sign under PENALTY OF PERJURY and return with current resume to the: ALL INFORMATION S BMITTED TO THE COMMISSION MAY BE CONSIDERED A P BLIC RECORD NDER STATE LAW Di i g di Ha S i Di i i APPLICANT'S NAME: a OFFICE PHONE: THIS SPACE FOR COMMISSION USE ONLY NAME OF BUSINESS: OFFICE HOURS: OFFICE ADDRESS: IN WHICH CITY ARE EVALUATIONS PERFORMED: NAME OF CONTACT PERSON TO SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS: FEE FOR VOCATIONAL EVALUATION: E-MAIL ADDRESS OF APPLICANT: 1. 2. Professional Creden als: CRC CVE CDMS Other: Do ou ha e an e perience or educa on concerning wor ers' compensa on principles or the O lahoma wor ers' compensa on s stem YES NO If es, please list. A ach addi onal pages if needed: 3. Ha e ou e aluated wor ers' compensa on claimants during the past 12 months YES NO If NO, pro ide the Commission with a sample oca onal e alua on report. A ach addi onal pages if needed. 4. Are ou willing to accept Commission-imposed limita ons on the amount of mone reports, e alua on reports YES NO YES ou can e pect to e paid for deposi ons, progress 5. 6. Will ou agree to ser e on the Commission's list for an en re one- ear period Areas of e per se: Please chec all which are applica le A. Voca onal E alua ons C. Transfera le S ills NO B. Jo Placement: Please list Hourl Fee charged for this ser ice: D. Other specif NO NO 7. 8. Do ou ha e errors and omissions and lia ilit insurance YES Ha e ou een con icted of a felon under federal or state law within 7 ears efore the date of this applica on YES If YES, please e plain. A ach addi onal pages if needed. : 9. Are ou willing to perform oca onal e alua ons at a loca on con enient to the claimant's residence YES If so, what are our es mated fees NO Id a d PENALTY OF PERJ k dg a d b i f I a ia W k 'C m a C mmi i i a ia I by fy a a a i ab a ad k' RY a am ai d ia ad a ia , ga i a a d S a a d F d a ag i a a ad m a d i f ma a may b di i my a aa abi i a i i g d a di g I ag m a ad d b f my Ok a ma ga f abid by SIGNAT RE DATE C a d 2- - 4 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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