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Request For Extension Of Time (Court Clerks-Court Reporters Application) PL-AP004 - California

Request For Extension Of Time (Court Clerks-Court Reporters Application) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Placer Local County .
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SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF PLACER SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF PLACER 10820 Justice Center Drive P.O. Box 619072 Roseville, CA 95661-9072 (916) 408-6411 APPELLANT: RESPONDENT: FOR COURT USE ONLY COURT CLERK'S/COURT REPORTER'S APPLICATION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME; ORDER THEREON CASE NUMBER: I, _________________________________________________, declare as follows: 1. I request an extension to ___________________ in which to file the clerk's/reporter's transcripts. I have served a copy of this application on all parties pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 8.810(d)(1). 2. The deadline for filing this document is currently ______________________. 3. I have requested ________________ previous extensions of time. The length(s) of the time granted for the prior extension(s) was/were _______________________________. 4. The notice of appeal was filed on _______________. 5. The order augment record was filed on ___________________. 6. The notice of designation of clerk's/reporter's transcript was filed on ___________________. 7. The payment of estimated costs of preparation of clerk's transcript was made on ______________. 8. The payment of costs for preparation of reporter's transcript was made on ________________. 9. I have completed preparation of ________ hours of transcript out of a total of ___________ hours for which I am responsible. 10. I have completed preparation of ________ pages of transcript out of a total of __________ pages of clerk's record. 11. The transcript cannot be completed within the time provided by the California Rules of Court for the following reasons: ____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ I declare under the penalty of perjury of the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct. DATED: _____________________________________ ______________________________________ PRINTED NAME AND CSR NO. GOOD CAUSE APPEARING, THE REQUEST IS GRANTED. THE REQUEST IS DENIED. IT IS SO ORDERED. DATED: SIGNATURE ___________________________________________________ PRESIDING JUDGE/ACTING PRESIDING JUDGE APPELLATE DIVISION ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Form Adopted for Mandatory Use California Rules of Court, Rules 8.810(d) Superior Court of California, County of Placer Local Form PL-AP004 Effective 08-03-2015 American LegalNet, Inc.
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