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The Role Of The Clients Attorney In Parent Coordinator Cases FL031 - California

The Role Of The Clients Attorney In Parent Coordinator Cases Form. This is a California form and can be used in Family Law Sonoma Local County .
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The Role of the Client's Attorneys in Parent Coordinator Cases Utilizing the Parent Coordinator Team to resolve parenting conflicts in families can be a successful alternative to continued litigation. For the process to effectively work for clients it requires attorneys to understand their role in the process, including how client support is rendered in a way that is different than in adversary proceedings. Both my client and I understand that successful outcomes require the attorney to understand the role of the Parent Coordinator Team and how the process is structured to bring about conflict resolution. We acknowledge that the process focuses on efforts to shift the parties away from a power based, win-lose approach, to working toward mutually agreed upon solutions, with the clear understanding that if they fail to do so, the Parent Coordinator Team will issue an order imposing a solution. It is intended to increase motivation to work with the Parent Coordinator Team to develop better modes of problem resolution. We agree not to attempt to treat the Parent Coordinator Team as another kind of judge. The attorney shall not intervene on the client's behalf with the Parent Coordinator Team, or file motions with the Court, except as provided under the terms of the Stipulation and Order appointing the Parent Coordinator Team. We understand that it is essential that attorneys direct clients to bring their questions and concerns to the Parent Coordinator Team directly. The more contentious, litigious, and frustrated the client, the stronger the pull will be on the attorney to intervene and weaken the process by interceding with the Parent Coordinator Team or the Court directly. In order to have a successful outcome the attorneys shall continue to direct the distressed or upset client back to the Parent Coordinator Team directly for resolution of the issue. This requires that the attorneys wholeheartedly feel they are supporting their client's welfare by advocating this course of action. I have read the above description of the attorney role and explained this to my client. I agree to function in this case according to the description of this role. Name Attorney for ____________________________ Date My Attorney has explained this to me and I understand the role of my Attorney. Client Date Local Form FL-031 Adopted for Mandatory Use (New 2/14) The Role of the Client's Attorney in Parent Coordinator Cases Page 1 of 1 American LegalNet, Inc.
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