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Statement Of Objection AOPC 340 - Pennsylvania

Statement Of Objection Form. This is a Pennsylvania form and can be used in Administrative Office Statewide .
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COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA COURT OF COMMON PLEAS Judicial District, County of STATEMENT OF OBJECTION TO RULE6 420 & 591.1 ORDERS AND DETERMINATIONS OF MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT JUDGE COMMON PLEAS No. STATEMENT OF OBJECTION 1. ON: (date) , 20 , (name of Magisterial District Judge) , Magisterial District Judge, in connection with execution proceedings on the judgment rendered in the case of vs - Docket Number , made (an order) (a determination) concerning: Check applicable box or boxes an appeal taken by _- , from an (appraisal) (designation) of property made by the executing office. , from a _- an appeal taken by setting aside of property by the executing officer. a claim to all property levied upon filed by a claim to the following property levied upon filed by (brief description of property) an exception to distribution filed by a request made by to set aside the sale of (brief description of property) D UHTXHVW PDGH E\ KRPH DQG SURSHUW\ KDYH EHHQ DEDQGRQHG 2. The (order) or (determination) referred to above was (brief description of order or determination) WKDW D PDQXIDFWXUHG 3. (name of objecting party) , an aggrieved party in interest, objects to this (order) (determination) of the Magisterial District Judge. (Signature of objecting party or attorney or agent) (This form must be filed with the Prothonotary AND the Magisterial District Judge WITHIN TEN (10) DAYS from the date of the order or determination to which objection is made.) AOPC 340-05 American LegalNet, Inc.
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