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Child Support Worksheet - Tennessee

Child Support Worksheet Form. This is a Tennessee form and can be used in Parenting Plan Statewide .
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Child Support Worksheet. State of Tennessee ­ Child Support Worksheet Part I. Identification PRP Indicate the status of each parent or caretaker by placing an "X" in the appropriate column Name of Mother: Name of Father: Name of non-parent Caretaker: TCSES case #: Docket #: Court name: Days with Caretaker ARP SPLIT Name(s) of Child(ren) Date of Birth Days with Mother Days with Father Part II. Adjusted Gross Income Mother / Column A 1 Monthly Gross Income 1a Federal benefit for child 1b Self-employment tax paid Subtotal 1c Credit for In-Home Children 1d Credit for Not In Home Children 1e Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Combined Adjusted Gross Income $ Percentage Share of Income (PI) $ + $ $ % $ + $ $ % Father / Column B Non-parent Caretaker / Column C Use Credit Worksheet to calculate line items 1d and 1e. 2 2a 3 Part III. Parents' Share of BCSO 4 4a 5 6 7 BCSO allotted to primary parent's household Share of BCSO owed to primary parent ARP parent's average parenting time Parenting time adjustment Adjusted BCSO $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com State of Tennessee ­ Child Support Worksheet Part IV. Additional Expenses Mother / Column A 8a 8b 8c 9 10 11 Children's portion of health insurance premium Recurring Uninsured Medical Expenses Work-related childcare Total expenses Share of additional expenses owed Adjusted Support Obligation (ASO) $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Father / Column B Non-parent Caretaker / Column C $ $ $ $ Part V. Presumptive Child Support / Modification of Current Support Obligation Column 12 Presumptive Child Support Order (PCSO) $ $ * Enter the difference between the greater and smaller numbers from Line 11, except in non-parent caretaker situations. Low Income? Current Order Flat % Modification of Current Child Support Order 13a 13b 13c ____ (N = 15% Y = 7.5%) ____ (N / Y) $ $ $ $ $ $ Current child support order amount for the obligor parent Amount required for significant variance to exist Actual variance between current order and PCSO / BCSO Part VI. Deviations and Final Child Support Order Deviations must be substantiated by written findings in the Child Support Order 14 Deviations (Specify): $ $ 15 16 Final Child Support Order (FCSO) FCSO adjusted for federal benefit, Line 1a, Obligor's column $ $ $ $ Comments, Calculations, or Rebuttals to Schedule Preparer's Use Only Name: Title: Date: American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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