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Waiver Of Filing Requirements 364ES - South Carolina

Waiver Of Filing Requirements Form. This is a South Carolina form and can be used in Probate Court Statewide .
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STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF ____________________________ IN THE MATTER OF: ________________________________________ (Decedent) ) ) ) ) ) ) IN THE PROBATE COURT WAIVER OF STATUTORY FILING REQUIREMENTS CASE NUMBER: _________________________________ I acknowledge that Personal Representative(s) are required by law to file the following document(s) prior to the closing of an Estate. However, I am willing to allow the Personal Representative(s) of this Estate to proceed to close this Estate without the filing of these document(s). As such, I freely and voluntarily agree for the Personal Representative(s) or any Successor Personal Representative(s) in this Estate to forego his/her duty to file any and all closing document(s); specifically, the document(s) indicated below. I understand fully my right to receive and review the document(s); however, I knowingly and voluntarily waive said rights now and in the future regarding the following document(s) as indicated below: MARK WITH AN "X" IN BLACK INK OR INITIAL IN BLACK INK. ____ ____ ____ Accounting(s) (including Interim, Amended and/or Supplemental Accountings, if applicable) Proposal for Distribution (including Amended or Supplemental Proposals for Distribution) Notice of Right to Demand Hearing (required to be delivered along with Closing Documents) Executed this _____ day of _______________________, 20____. SWORN to before me this ________ day of _____________________________, 20____ Notary Public for South Carolina My commission expires: _______________ Signature: Print Name: Address: Telephone (Work): (Home): (Cell): Email: Relationship to Decedent/Estate: FORM #364ES (1/2014) 62-3-1001(e) American LegalNet, Inc.
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