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Information To Heirs And Devisees 305ES - South Carolina

Information To Heirs And Devisees Form. This is a South Carolina form and can be used in Probate Court Statewide .
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STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF: ___________________________ IN THE MATTER OF: _______________________________________ (Decedent) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) IN THE PROBATE COURT INFORMATION TO HEIRS AND DEVISEES CASE NUMBER: _____________________________ On _________________________________________, 20_____, Application/Petition was made to the Probate Court of ______________________ County at (address), ________________________________________________________, for the (check all that apply): INFORMAL PROBATE OF WILL APPOINTMENT in the above matter. (Complete if applicable) The Decedent's Will dated ___________________, Codicil(s) dated ______________________, and Memorandum(s) dated ____________________ was/were presented. Bond HAS HAS NOT been filed. FORMAL TESTACY APPOINTMENT This notice is being sent to persons who have or may have some interest in the estate. Please note: This form is required to be sent to all potential devisees and heirs of the Decedent. Receipt of this form does not mean that you will inherit from the Decedent. You may review the file in the Probate Court or see an attorney if you desire further information. My application/petition was granted within the past thirty (30) days on ______________________________, 20 ______. Applicant/Personal Representative Name: Address: Telephone (Work): (Home): (Cell): Email: Co-Applicant/Co-Personal Representative Name: Address: Telephone (Work): (Home): (Cell): Email: Attorney: Address: Telephone: Email: FORM #305ES (1/2014) 62-3-306, 62-3-705 American LegalNet, Inc.
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