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Foreign Court Subpoena - Tennessee

Foreign Court Subpoena Form. This is a Tennessee form and can be used in Circuit Court Davidson Local County .
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STATE OF TENNESSEE DAVIDSON COUNTY Circuit Court PLAINTIFF FOREIGN COURT SUBPOENA For the Court of the State of Foreign Court Case No. DEFENDANT vs. CIVIL ACTION DOCKET NO. TO: (NAME, ADDRESS & TELEPHONE NUMBER OF WITNESS) Method of Service: Davidson County Sheriff Personal Service Out of County Sheriff Pursuant to and under the authority of T.C.A. 24-9-201, et seq. and the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure, this Subpoena is issued as notification that you are required to: PRODUCE the records requested in Block 2, in the manner indicated, to the place indicated in Block 1C prior to the date and time specified in Block 1A/1B. APPEAR at the place indicated in Block 1C on the date, time and in the manner specified in Block 1A/1B to testify and/or provide information concerning the records requested in Block 2. Failure to appear may result in contempt of Court which could result in punishment by fine and/or imprisonment as provided by law. The failure to serve an Objection to this Subpoena within twenty-one (21) days after the day of service of the Subpoena, waives all objections to the Subpoena, except the right to seek the reasonable costs for producing books, papers, documents, electronically stored information, or tangible things. 1A) TIME: 1B) DATE: 2) RECORDS REQUIRED TO BE PRODUCED FOR INSPECTION: 1C) PLACE: This subpoena is being issued on behalf of PLAINTIFF DEFENDANT Additional List Attached DATE ISSUED: Attorney: (NAME, ADDRESS & TELEPHONE NUMBER) RICHARD R. ROOKER Circuit Court Clerk BY: DEPUTY CLERK ATTORNEY'S SIGNATURE: DESIGNEE: DESIGNEE'S SIGNATURE: To request an ADA accommodation, please contact Dart Gore at (615) 880-3309. Medical Records Requested-HIPAA notice required HIPAA NOTICE A copy of this subpoena has been provided to counsel for the patient or the patient by mail or facsimile on the ____ day of ____________________, 20__ , so as to allow him/her twenty-one (21) days to: (A) Serve the recipient of the subpoena by facsimile with a written objection to the subpoena, with a copy of the notice by facsimile to the party that served the subpoena, and (B) Simultaneously file and serve a motion for a protective order consistent with the requirement of T.R.C.P. 26.03, 26.07 and Local Rule 22.10. If no objection is made within twenty-one (21) days of the above date you shall process this subpoena and produce the documents by the date and time specified in the subpoena. The signature of counsel or party on the subpoena is certification that the above notice was provided to the patient. Submit: Original Witness Copy & File Copy American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com RETURN ON SERVICE Check one: (1 or 2 are for the return of an authorized officer or attorney; an attorney's return must be sworn to; 3 is for the witness who will acknowledge service and requires the witness' signature.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. I certify that on the date indicated below , I served a copy of this Subpoena on the witness state d above by: 2. I failed to serve a copy of this Subpoena on the witness because: 3. I acknowledge being served with this Subpoena on the following date: Sworn to and subscribed before me this ________ day of _________________, 20____ DATE OF SERVICE: SIGNATURE OF WITNESS, OFFICER, ATTORNEY OR ATTORNEY'S DESIGNEE Signature of Notary Public (or) My Commission Expires: Deputy Clerk American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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