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Final Decree Of Divorce (With Divorce Agreement) Form 6 - Tennessee

Final Decree Of Divorce (With Divorce Agreement) Form. This is a Tennessee form and can be used in Circuit Court Davidson Local County .
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IN THE ____________ CIRCUIT COURT FOR DAVIDSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE Plaintiff vs. [NAME (First, Middle, Last) OF SPOUSE FILING THE DIVORCE] Docket No: Defendant [NAME (First, Middle, Last) OF THE OTHER SPOUSE] Final Decree of Divorce [With Divorce Agreement] If you are ready to finalize your divorce, you must fill out this form. Only the spouse who filed the Complaint for Divorce is required to sign this Decree and that spouse must go to the Court hearing BUT it is a good idea for both spouses to go in the event the Court has questions. The Judge does not have to sign this Decree if the Judge does not think your Divorce Agreement is fair. Take this form with you to your Court hearing, along with copies of all forms you have filed, including: Divorce Agreement (FORM 5) signed by both spouses and notarized (if it was not filed with the Complaint for Divorce) Certificate of Divorce or Annulment. You must use the official Department of Vital Records form that can be obtained from the Clerk's Office or found online at https://health.state.tn.us/vr/ and have it completely filled out before the Court hearing. Court Hearing and Findings: On (date) __________________________ listed above before (Judge's name) Parties at the hearing: , there was a Court hearing at the Court and county . Plaintiff (Spouse filing the Complaint for Divorce): Street or P.O. Box City State Zip Phone # Defendant (The other spouse): Street or P.O. Box City State Zip Phone # The Court finds that the parties have signed and filed a Divorce Agreement that makes adequate and sufficient provision for the equitable settlement of property rights between them and fairly apportions their debt (an equitable division). (FORM 6) Final Decree of Divorce Approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court To request an ADA accommodation, please contact Dart Gore at 880-3309. August 2012 Page 1 of 3 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com That Agreement is now filed with and made part of this Final Decree of Divorce. The spouses swear they have no children together who are under 18, in high school, or disabled. Children together means children they had together who were born before the marriage AND any and all children born or adopted during the marriage. Based on the parties' Divorce Agreement, their Complaint for Divorce, and the entire record for this case, the Court finds good cause to make this Final Decree of Divorce. The Court Makes the Following Orders: The parties are now divorced based on irreconcilable differences. Important! Both spouses have 30 days to appeal this Decree. You should not get married again or buy any property during the next 30 days. Protective Orders (check one): Neither party has a current Protective Order. The Court hereby ends the current Protective Order. The Court continues the current Protective Order until (mm/dd/yy) . Name Change (check one): This Order does not change either party's name. This Order changes the Wife's name to: First Middle Last This Order changes the Husband's name to: First Middle Last Important! You may need a certified copy of this Decree to change your name on your driver's license or other records. Court Costs will be paid as follows (check one): The Husband and Wife will each pay 50% of the Court costs. Husband will pay all costs. Wife will pay all costs. Other agreement: . Alimony: Neither spouse wants alimony. The (check one) Husband Wife agrees to pay (amount) $ or condition that ends alimony). until (date This amount will be paid (check one): Weekly August 2012 Monthly Annually Page 2 of 3 (FORM 6) Final Decree of Divorce Approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court To request an ADA accommodation, please contact Dart Gore at 880-3309. American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Attorney Fees: The Wife will pay for her lawyer's fees and the Husband will pay for his lawyer's fees. Other (explain): _____________________________________________________________________________ Other Orders: Notice: This Final Decree of Divorce does not necessarily affect the ability of a creditor to proceed against a party or a party's property, even though the party is not responsible under the terms of the Final Decree for an account, any debt associated with an account, or any debt. It may be in a party's best interest to cancel, close or freeze any jointly-held accounts (T.C.A., ยง36-4-134). This means that the Final Decree does not protect you against creditors. They may try to collect from you even if your spouse is responsible for the debt. It may be best to cancel, close, or freeze any accounts you have together. This Decree is made on (date) Presented By: Person Filing the Decree By: Judge's Signature ______________________________________________________________ Wife's Signature Date ______________________________________________________________ Husband's Signature Date If your spouse did not go to this hearing, you must mail him/her a copy of this signed Final Decree of Divorce. Then fill out the part below. Certificate of Service I hereby certify that a true and exact copy of this Decree was mailed by U.S. Mail, via First Class postage, to the other party/ spouse at the address listed above, on (date) . Spouse who mails it signs here: __________ Attached: Date: ___________ Divorce Agreement Certificate of Divorce or Annulment (if not already submitted) Other: (FORM 6) Final Decree of Divorce Approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court To request an ADA accommodation, please contact Dart Gore at 880-3309. Page 3 of 3 August 2012 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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