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Action To Recover Personal Property - Tennessee

Action To Recover Personal Property Form. This is a Tennessee form and can be used in Civil Sessions Knox Local County .
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STATE OF TENNESSEE COUNTY OF KNOX TO THE SHERIFF OF KNOX COUNTY: I command you to summon the defendant(s) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ to appear before the GENERAL SESSIONS COURT OF KNOX COUNTY, TENNESSEE, to be held in the courtroom of said court in said County on the __________ day of __________________, 20______at 9:00 a.m., and answer the civil action brought by the plaintiff________________________________________________________for the recovery of the following personal property:__________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and/or money judgment in Case of Detinue in the sum of $_______________________________________________UNDER $___________________________________________________ Dollars. DEFENDANT(S): YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED IF YOU FAIL TO APPEAR AND OFFER EVIDENCE, THE COURT WILL ISSUE A WRIT OF POSSESSION FOR THE PROPERTY DESCRIBED HEREIN, AND A DEFAULT JUDGMENT FOR THE RELIEF SOUGHT WILL BE ENTERED AGAINST YOU. Tested and Issued _____________________________________________________________, 20______. Catherine F. Shanks CLERK ________________________________________________ By: Deputy Clerk AFFIDAVIT I, ___________________________________________________________________________, PLAINTIFF(S), PLAINTIFF'S AGENT OR ATTORNEY, DO HEREBY MAKE Name & Address OATH THAT PLAINTIFF IS ENTITLED TO POSSESSION OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED PERSONAL PROPERTY, TO WIT, _____________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PLAINTIFF IS ENTITLED TO POSSESSION BECAUSE (IF BASED ON A WRITTEN DOCUMENT A COPY MUST BE ATTACHED): ____________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE VALUE OF THE PROPERTY HEREIN DESCRIBED IS $_______________________________________________________DOLLARS. IF EXPEDITED WRIT COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING: PLAINTIFF(S) IS ENTITLED TO IMMEDIATE POSSESSION BECAUSE:_________________________________________________________________________________ THIS THE _______________________ DAY OF ___________________________________________, 20______. ________________________________________________ AFFIANT SWORN AND SUBSCRIBED TO THIS THE ___________________ DAY OF _________________________________, 20_________. ________________________________________________ NOTARY PUBLIC MY COMMISSION EXPIRES _________________________________________________________________________ American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com JUDGMENT Judgment for the plaintiff for $________________ and cost of the cause and for the possession of the property described in the warrant. The Officer is hereby directed to take the property described in the warrant out of the possession of the defendant(s) and deliver the same to the plaintiff(s). The plaintiff(s) shall dispose of said property in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code and shall notify the defendant(s) the amount to be credited against this judgment prior to the issuance of any writ of execution. This the _______day of ________________, 20_____. ________________________________________ JUDGE OF THE GENERAL SESSIONS COURT DIVISION___________________ ACTION TO RECOVER PERSONAL PROPERTY NO._______________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ PLAINTIFF BOND We,_____________________________________________ Principal, and ___________________________________ Surety, do hereby bind ourselves, our heirs and assigns to _____________________________, defendant(s), in the penal sum of $___________________ Dollars, being no more than the value of the property above described, this obligation to be void. Should the plaintiff(s) pay cost of damages adjudged against him and shall abide by and perform the judgment of the Court. This the _____day of _____________________, 20_____. _________________________________ PRINCIPAL _____________________________________ _____________________________________ DEFENDANT I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT I HAVE SERVED THE WITHIN SUMMONS BY DELIVERING ON THE _____________________ DAY OF ___________________________, 20________. __________________________________ SURETY WAIVER I (we), _____________________________________, the defendants herein, acknowledge that the plaintiff is entitled to possession of the described property, and I (we) hereby voluntarily waive any right to a hearing by tendering the property herewith to the officer, and I (we) acknowledge that if I (we) do not appear and answer as to the merits of the matter on the date specified herein, that a default judgment may be entered against me (us). I (we) the defendant(s) herein acknowledge that the process server has read and explained to me (us) that I (we) have a constitutional right to a hearing and that I (we) are not required to sign this document of waiver and that I (we) have signed this document of waiver voluntarily. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ DEFENDANT(S) If you require a modification to access the judicial program and/or have special needs because of a qualified disability, you must submit a written Request for Modification to the Local Judicial Program ADA Coordinator listed below at least five (5) business days prior to the date of the judicial program, if possible. A form is available from the Local Judicial Program ADA Coordinator or from the Tennessee Judicial Program ADA Coordinator. http://www.tsc.state.tn.us If you need assistance, have questions or need additional information, you may also contact the Tennessee Judicial Program ADA Coordinator: ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ The American with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against any qualified individual with a disability. The Tennessee Judicial ___________________________________
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