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Order For Admission Of Will And Summary Administration CCP 0503 - Illinois

Order For Admission Of Will And Summary Administration Form. This is a Illinois form and can be used in Probate Cook Local County .
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Print Form 4106 Order for Admission of Will and Summary Administration Clear Form (Rev. 9/06/13) CCP 0503 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS ESTATE OF No. ______________________________ ________________________________________________________ Deceased ORDER FOR ADMISSION OF WILL AND SUMMARY ADMINISTRATION On the verified petition of _________________________________________________________________________ for admission to probate of the will of the above-named decedent and for distribution of the estate on summary administration, the will having been proved as provided by law and it appearing to the court that the requirements of 755 ILCS 5/9-8 have been satisfied: IT IS ORDERED that: 1. The will of ____________________________________________________________________________________ dated ________________________________, _________ (and codicil dated ________________________, ________) be admitted to probate: *2. (a) (b) The issuance of letters of office is excused. (4316) The letters of office which have been issued are revoked and the representative discharged. (4317) *3. The following persons or corporations indebted to or holding the personal estate of the decedent or acting as registrar or transfer agent of any evidence of interest, indebtedness, property or right shall pay the indebtedness, or deliver, transfer or issue the personal estate as follows: (Insert specific directions for the payment of all claims and the distribution of the estate or, if there is insufficient space, indicate that the directions are set forth on Exhibit A attached hereto.) _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ DATE: _______________________________, _________ Atty. No.:__________________ Name: ______________________________________________ Atty. for Petitioner: __________________________________ Address: __________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ______________________________________ Telephone: ________________________________________ *Strike whichever of (a) or (b) does not apply. DOROTHY BROWN, CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS ENTERED: _______________________________________________ Judge Judge's No.
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