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Order Appointing Guardian Of Minor CCP 0394 - Illinois

Order Appointing Guardian Of Minor Form. This is a Illinois form and can be used in Probate Cook Local County .
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Print Form Clear Form Order Appointing Guardian of Minor IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS COUNTY DEPARTMENT - PROBATE DIVISION Estate of (Rev. 09/06/13) CCP 0394 No. __________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Minor ORDER APPOINTING GUARDIAN OF MINOR On the verified petition of ____________________________________________________________________ for appointment of a guardian, due notice having been ________________________________________, the court having (given) (waived) considered the evidence, IT IS ORDERED that: 1. _____________________________________________________________________ is appointed the guardian of the __________________________________________________________________________ of the following minor: (estate) 4256 (person) 4225 (estate and person) 4257 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________; 2. The bond of the guardian is _____________________________________________; (approved 4611) (waived 4621) 3. Letters of guardianship shall issue; * 4. The guardian of the estate shall file an inventory in Room _____________________, Richard J. Daley Center on ____________________________________, _________ at 10:00 a.m. (4250) *5. The guardian of the estate shall deposit the minor's funds in an account in the name of the minor, subject to withdrawal only on order of court or upon the attainment of majority, in an institution qualified to receive the deposit. The guardian shall file a report of receipts and disbursements, together with vouchers, on _____________, _______, in Room _____________ at ____________.M. Upon approval of the report, the guardian and surety shall be discharged and the estate closed. (4220) (4251) Atty. No.: _______________ Name: ____________________________________ Firm Name: ________________________________ Atty. for Petitioner: ___________________________ Address: __________________________________ City/State/Zip: ____________________________ Telephone: _______________________________ *Strike if not applicable DOROTHY BROWN, CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS ENTER: ______________________________________________ Judge Judge's No. _________________________________________, __________
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