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Application And Affidavit For Default - Arizona

Application And Affidavit For Default Form. This is a Arizona form and can be used in Civil Superior Court Pinal Local County .
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Name of Person Filing: Street Address: City, State, Zip Code: Telephone Number: Email Address: ATLAS Number (if applicable) Representing Self (No Attorney) If Attorney, Bar Number: or Represented by Attorney SUPERIOR COURT OF ARIZONA PINAL COUNTY CASE NUMBER: Name of Plaintiff CV2 APPLICATION AND AFFIDAVIT FOR DEFAULT Name of Defendant HONORABLE: NOTICE: THIS IS AN IMPORTANT COURT DOCUMENT. When this document is properly completed and filed, Default has been applied for and entered. The Default will be effective ten (10) days after the filing of this completed document, unless the Defendant files an Answer/Response or otherwise defends before the ten day period expires. 1. I am the Plaintiff in this court case. I understand and make the following statements under oath. I give notice that I am requesting entry of default against the other party, the Defendant because they have not filed an Answer/Response. Service of the court papers on Defendant has been accomplished as follows: (check ONLY one box) The Defendant has signed an "Acceptance of Service" and has accepted service of the "Summons," Complaint or Petition and other papers. The Defendant has not filed an "Answer/Response," or otherwise appeared or defended in this court case. Default may be entered. OR I have served the Defendant according to law with the "Summons," Complaint or Petition and other papers. Defendant has not appeared, answered, responded or otherwise defended in the time required by law. 3. 4. The Defendant is either not in the active military service of the United States or has otherwise waived his/her rights under the Service Members Civil Relief Act (formerly "Soldier's and Sailor's Civil Relief Act"). By completing the Certificate of Mailing or Delivery at the bottom of this form, I certify that I am mailing or delivering a copy of this Application and Affidavit to the Defendant as notice that I have applied for default and default has been entered in this court case. 2. Page 1 of 2 DO_AAD_COSCOPinal_09.13.13 Use only most current version American LegalNet, Inc. NOTE: If the Defendant fails to file a responsive pleading or otherwise defend in this action within 10 days of the filing of this Application, a default judgment will be entered. The Plaintiff must still attend the default hearing at the court. Date Signature State of Arizona County of (Arizona County) ) ) ) Subscribed and sworn (or affirmed) before me this (Day) day (Month) , 20 (Year) by (Name of Signer) Seal (Affix notary seal here) Notary Public (Notary's Signature) CERTIFICATE OF MAILING OR DELIVERY On (date) Mailed postage pre-paid, OR Delivered by Defendant at the following: Address: (name of person who did the delivery) to the a copy of this document was (check ONLY one box): Signed: Page 2 of 2 DO_AAD_COSCOPinal_09.13.13 Use only most current version American LegalNet, Inc.
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