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Settlement Agreement HOU-802 - Minnesota

Settlement Agreement Form. This is a Minnesota form and can be used in Housing Court District Court Statewide .
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State of Minnesota County District Court Judicial District: Court File Number: Case Type: Housing Name of Plaintiff(s) vs SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT Defendant(s) The parties have reached the following agreement: Parties agree to the following payment schedule: Form of Payment (Money Order, Date Payment is Due / / / / / / / / / / Time Due (if applicable) AM / PM AM / PM AM / PM AM / PM AM / PM $ $ $ $ $ TOTAL: $ Amount Due Certified Funds, etc.) This includes rent for the following months:________________________ _________________________ No Writ of Recovery is requested at this time. This signed agreement serves as settlement. Defendant(s) shall vacate on or before __________________ or a Writ of Recovery shall be issued upon request of Plaintiff and payment of the fee for a Writ. There will be no notice to Defendant or hearing. If any payment is missed or other terms of the settlement are violated, a Writ of Recovery shall be issued upon request by Plaintiff and payment of the fee, and filing of an affidavit stating how the agreement was violated. There will be no notice to Defendant or hearing. A request for the Writ must be made within 30 days of the violation of the agreement. If a Writ of Recovery issues, Plaintiff may file an affidavit requesting costs and disbursements allowed by statute, and the court shall award a judgment against Defendant for allowable costs and disbursements. I have read, understand, and agree to be bound by this Settlement Agreement: _____________________/_____________________ PRINT Plaintiff'(s) NAME PRINT Defendant'(s) NAME SIGNATURE OF OWNER/AGENT/ATTORNEY SIGNATURE SIGNATURE Date HOU802 State ENG 11/11 Date www.mncourts.gov/forms Page 1 of 1 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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