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Surety Bond RE 643J - California

Surety Bond Form. This is a California form and can be used in Subdivisions Bureau Of Real Estate Statewide .
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State of California Surety Bond RE 643J (Rev. 5/05) Bureau of real eState SuBdiviSionS BOND NUMBER PREMIUM (Regulation 2792.9) KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That we, ______________________________________________________________________ (Name of Subdivider) as Principal, and ______________________________________________________________________ (Name of Surety), a corporation organized and doing business under and by virtue of the laws of the State of __________________________ and duly licensed to conduct a general Surety business in the State of California as Surety, are firmly held and bound unto _______________________________________________________________________________ (Name of Association), a community association described in Civil Code Section 1363, as Obligee, in the penal sum of _____________________ ________________________________________________ Dollars ($_____________), for the payment of which we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, jointly and severally firmly by these presents. WHEREAS, this bond is executed, issued, furnished and otherwise given on behalf of the Principal, an applicant for a public report applied for or to be issued by the California Bureau of Real Estate, in compliance with Section 2792.9 of Chapter 6, Title 10, California Code of Regulations, to secure the prompt and faithful performance of Principal's obligation to Obligee under any form RE 643 (Assessment Security Agreement provisions of the Assessment Security Agreement and Instructions to Escrow Depository) executed by the Principal for the benefit of the Association. NOW THEREFORE, the condition of the obligation is such, that, if the said Principal shall promptly and faithfully perform, then this obligation shall be null and void; otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect. Surety, for value received, does hereby waive the right granted to Surety under California Civil Code Section 2845 to require that Obligee proceed independently against Principal to enforce this obligation, but reserves to itself any right under said Section 2845 to require that Obligee proceed jointly against Principal and Surety in any such action. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the seal and signature of said Principal is hereto affixed and the corporate seal and the name of the said Surety is hereto affixed and attested by its duly authorized Attorney-In-Fact at ____________________________, California this ____________ day of __________________________, ______. NAME OF PRINCIPAL (TYPE OR PRINT) SIGNATURE OF PRINCIPAL NAME OF SURETY (TYPE OR PRINT) SIGNATURE OF SURETY American LegalNet, Inc.
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