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Notice Of Intention (Non-Specific Time-Share) RE 668B - California

Notice Of Intention (Non-Specific Time-Share) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Subdivisions Bureau Of Real Estate Statewide .
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STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF REAL ESTATE -- SUBDIVISIONS Serving Californians Since 1917 NOTICE OF INTENTION (Non-Specific Time-Share) RE 668B (Rev. 5/07) INSTRUCTIONS This Notice of Intention is for: non-specific time-share interest, multi-site time-share plan. Please read RE 668 before completing this form. RE 668B is one of the forms required for a time-share subdivision public report. A public report must be obtained by the developer before offering for sale or lease in California any interest(s) in a time-share plan as defined in Business & Professions (B&P) Code Section 11212(z). A separate RE 668B must be completed and fee paid for each location of a multi-site plan that include a non-specific timeshare interest and which is not currently covered by a California public report/permit. Primary/Secondary Application -- If this is the first application (primary) for a non-specific time-share plan, the entire application must be completed. All applicable documents pertaining to the offering as required by this application will be submitted with this application. The primary application will also cover one component site. As time-share properties are added, the applications for those sites will be "secondary" applications. 1. A. TYPE OF APPLICATION (CHECK ALL APPLICABLE) FOR DRE USE ONLY FILE NUMBER AMOUNT REQUIRED $ AMOUNT RECEIVED $ REFUND AMOUNT $ AMT TRANSFERRED FOR INTERESTS $ FROM FILE # If this is a secondary application, check the appropriate change (C) or no change (NC) check box of a "secondary application item." If the item has not been changed, it is not necessary to submit a copy of that document. If there have been changes to the document, submit a new or red-lined version. Submit this package and one photocopy of page 1. Attach filing fee to the photocopy. Please read Notice of Appeal Process on last page. GENERAL INFORMATION D. SINGLE RESPONSIBILITY PARTY OR PRIMARY CONTACT (SRP) FINAL PUBLIC REPORT CONDITIONAL PUBLIC REPORT B. THIS APPLICATION IS BEING SUBMITTED AS: (CHECK ONE) BUSINESS ADDRESS PRIMARY SECONDARY APPLICATION -- PROVIDE PRIMARY FILE # PRIMARY FILE # CITY STATE ZIP CODE COUNTRY B. WHEN PUBLIC REPORT IS READY: TELEPHONE NO. (INCLUDE AREA CODE) MAIL TO SRP C. DEVELOPER INFORMATION -- NAME CALL SRP FOR PICK UP E. ATTORNEY FOR DEVELOPER DEVELOPER'S ASSUMED NAME (IF APPLICABLE) BUSINESS ADDRESS BUSINESS ADDRESS CITY STATE CITY STATE ZIP CODE COUNTRY ZIP CODE COUNTRY TELEPHONE NO. (INCLUDE AREA CODE) TELEPHONE NO. (INCLUDE AREA CODE) F. MULTI-SITE TIME-SHARE ASSOCIATION BUDGET PREPARER MAILING ADDRESS (IF DIFFERENT) BUSINESS ADDRESS BUSINESS ADDRESS CITY STATE CITY STATE ZIP CODE COUNTRY ZIP CODE COUNTRY TELEPHONE NO. (INCLUDE AREA CODE) American LegalNet, Inc. OVERALL PROJECT INFORMATION G. Interests to be conveyed (Please check the applicable boxes.) "Time-share estate" as defined in B&P Code Section 11212(x)(1) "Time-share use" as defined in B&P Code Section 11212(x)(2) Annual uses Biennial uses Fixed unit, fixed time Variable unit, fixed time Fixed unit, variable time Variable unit, variable time Points/symbol system Describe duration and operation of time-share plan. (Use separate sheet of paper, if necessary.) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ H. For the time-share property that is the subject of this application, please answer the following: 1. The number of time-share interests, expressed in periods of seven-day use availability or other time increments. ........................................................................................................ If the usable time authorized for sale is 100%, provide a statement explaining how there will be adequate time for maintenance and repair. _______________________ 2. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. 4. 5. I. The total number of accommodations committed to the time-share plan. ......................... Number of biennial time-share interests per accommodation............................................ Amount of annual time reserved to the association for maintenance. ............................... _______________________ ________________________ ________________________ For time-share point-based only offerings, that include the sale of points or other symbols other than time, please provide a narrative explanation of the point/symbol to be offered for sale and include the following information and documentation. 1. Whether additional points may be acquired by purchase or otherwise, in the future and the manner in which future purchases of points may be made. The transferability of points to other persons, other years or other time-share plans. A copy of the then-current point value use directory, along with rules and procedures for changes by the developer or the association in the manner in which point values may be used. If the purchase of a time-share interest requires that a minimum number of points be purchased, indicate that minimum number. Explain what use rights a purchaser of the minimum number of points will have in terms of use periods, type of accommodation, or any other factor included in the time-share plan. Page 2 of 27 2. 3. 4. 5. RE 668B American LegalNet, Inc. J. Specific property information: 1. Submit the following documents: · · · · 2. Location map; Recorded maps, including tract maps, condominium maps, and condominium plans of the property in which the dwelling units are located; Plot plans; showing the foot prints of all improvements included in the offering; Floor plans. (Submit only if budget review requested.) Location Information REAL PROPERTY LEGAL DESCRIPTION LOCATION ADDRESS CITY STATE COUNTY COUNTRY ADVERTISING NAME a. Is the subdivision located within the city limits? ........................................................ If NO, list the name of nearest city/town and the distance and direction from city/town to the subdivision. Yes No ______________________
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