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Rescission Rights (Time-Share) RE 615 - California

Rescission Rights (Time-Share) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Subdivisions Bureau Of Real Estate Statewide .
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State of California Rescission Rights (Time-Share) RE 615 (Rev. 5/05) Bureau of real eState SuBdiviSionS Notice of Cancellation Rights You may cancel the purchase of the time-share interest(s) in the time-share plan identified below without any penalty or obligation and are legally entitled to the return of all money and other considerations that you have given toward the purchase. If you decide to cancel your purchase, you must notify the developer in writing of your intent to cancel within seven calendar days of receipt of the public report or the date you sign the purchase contract, whichever date is later. Your notice of cancellation shall be effective upon the date sent and shall be sent to the developer at the address or facsimile number provided in your purchase contract. Any attempt to obtain a waiver of your cancellation right is void and of no effect. Refer to §11239 of the Business and Professions Code. Election to Cancel the Sale of a Time-Share Interest(s) 1. NAME OF DEVELOPER FAX NUMBER 2. ADDRESS OF DEVELOPER 3. NAME OF TIME-SHARE PLAN BRE REGISTRATION FILE # Iherebyelecttocancelmypurchaseofthetime-shareinterest(s)intheabovenamedtime-shareplan. SIGNATURE PRINTED NAME DATE SIGNATURE PRINTED NAME DATE Note: · Lines1,2,and3mustbecompletedbytheDeveloperpriortoattachingthisnoticetothepublicreport. · ThisnoticemustbeattachedtothefrontofeachTime-SharePublicReportgiventoaprospectivepurchaser. American LegalNet, Inc.
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