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Supplemental Instructions RE 621A - California

Supplemental Instructions Form. This is a California form and can be used in Subdivisions Bureau Of Real Estate Statewide .
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State of California Supplemental InStructIonS [ยง11018.5(a)] RE 621A (Rev. 1/97) Bureau of real eState SuBdiviSionS These instructions supplement original escrow instructions heretofore furnished to __________________________ __ _______________________________________________________________________(hereafter Escrow Depository) on RE 621 for the subdivision (hereafter The Subdivision) identified as ________________________________________ ____ _____________________________________________________ County of ______________________________, Bureau of Real Estate File No. ______________________. Subdivider has transmitted herewith to Escrow Depository as trustee, a Surety Bond Cash Deposit Letter of Credit Other: ________________________________________________________________________ along with an applicable agreement and escrow instructions in the amount of ________________________________ _____ __________________________________________________________________ Dollars ($ _________________). A copy of said security or evidence of said cash deposit is attached hereto. This security is being provided by subdivider pursuant to Section 11018.5 (a)(2)(A) Section 11018.5 (a)(2)(E) of the Business and Professions Code for the purpose of assuring the lien-free completion of the subdivision improvements in The Subdivision for which assurance of lien-free completion is not otherwise provided as of the date of furnishing of this security. Any security instrument shall remain in the custody or subject to the control of Escrow Depository until the expiration of all applicable lien periods after receipt of notification by escrow from the ___________________________________ ________________________________________ homeowners association that all of the common area improvements and any cluster building(s) designated in the Planned Construction Statement have been completed. SIGNATURE OF SUBDIVIDER DATE PRINTED NAME OF SUBDIVIDER TITLE ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP CODE American LegalNet, Inc. RE 621A Page 2 of 2 BUREAU OF REAL ESTATE Based upon evidence submitted by subdivider, these supplemental escrow instructions and the form and amount of the security instrument referred to above are acceptable by the Bureau of Real Estate of the State of California as a reasonable arrangement within the meaning of Section 11018.5(a) to assure completion of The Subdivision and all improvements for which the financial security is provided. SIGNATURE OF SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR DATE PRINTED NAME OF SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR TITLE ADDRESS CITY STATE ESCROW DEPOSITORY Escrow Depository acknowledges that it holds the above security and acknowledges receipt of an executed copy of the above supplemental instructions and agrees to carry out the terms thereof. SIGNATURE OF ESCROW HOLDER DATE PRINTED NAME OF ESCROW HOLDER TITLE ADDRESS CITY STATE American LegalNet, Inc.
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