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Salesperson Change Application RE 214 - California

Salesperson Change Application Form. This is a California form and can be used in Licensing Bureau Of Real Estate Statewide .
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State of California Bureau of real eState Real Estate MATTERS! SaleSperSon Change appliCation RE 214 (Rev. 7/13) This form is to be used by salespersons only. Broker salespersons must use RE 204. Read instructions on reverse side before completing. Note: License changes with an asterisk may be completed on-line by utilizing eLicensing. (Refer to information on page 2.) 1. liCenSe iDentifiCation numBer BRe Use only BRE REcEivEd datE Type of Change [Check appropriate box(es)] SponSoring Broker/Corp.* employment DiSContinueD perSonal name mailing aDDreSS* aCtivation* salEspERson infoRmation 2. SaleSperSon name -- As it AppeArs on liCense. -- laSt, firSt, miDDle 3. SaleSperSon new name (if ChAnging) -- laSt, firSt, miDDle (See inStruCtionS on reverSe SiDe; Sign line #11 with new name.) 4. SaleSperSon mailing aDDreSS -- Street aDDreSS/p.o. Box, City, State, Zip CoDe 5. Do you reSiDe in California? yeS no Month if no, an "re 234" muSt Be on file with thiS Bureau. See reverSe SiDe. 7. BuSineSS telephone numBer 8. reSiDenCe telephone numBer 6. SaleS. liCenSe expiration Date DAy yeAr ( ( ) ) ( ) 9. Cell phone numBer 10. email aDDreSS salespeRson CeRTifiCaTion i hereby Certify thAt A) the inforMAtion on this forM is true AnD CorreCt to the best of My knowleDge, b) i hAve CoMplieD with §10161.8(C) AnD (D) of the business AnD professions CoDe, AnD C) i hAve given notiCe of terMinAtion of eMployMent to the broker iDentifieD on line #20. 11. Signature of SaleSperSon -- Must be originAl signAture Date nEw sponsoRing BRokER/coRpoRation infoRmation 12. Broker/Corporation iD no. BRe Use only 13. SaleSperSon employment Date BRe Use only 14. Broker/Corporation name -- as iT appeaRs on liCense; no DBa's 15. main offiCe aDDreSS of Broker/Corp. -- Street aDDreSS, City, State, Zip CoDe employing BRokeR CeRTifiCaTion i hereby Certify thAt A) the Above inforMAtion is true AnD CorreCt to the best of My knowleDge, AnD b) there is A written AgreeMent with this sAlesperson on file in My offiCe As requireD by §2726 of the CoMMissioner's regulAtions. 16. Signature of new Broker/liCenSeD offiCer -- Must be originAl signAture, not photoCopy, etC. Date 17. printeD name of #16 Signer 18. Broker/Corp. expiration Date 19. BuSineSS telephone numBer foRmER BRokER/coRpoRation infoRmation 20. Broker/Corporation iD no. 21. Date SaleSperSon employment DiSContinueD 22. Broker/Corporation name -- as iT appeaRs on liCense; no DBa's 23. Signature of former Broker/liCenSeD offiCer Date BRE UsE only proC. # Date proCeSSeD SenDer'S # Date Sent form letter/CommentS DoCument Date uSeD & type (circle one) rD aD kD American LegalNet, Inc. RE 214 -- Reverse Change of Personal Name ­Enterfullnewname.Attachverificationofnamechange(i.e.,legiblecopyofdriverslicense,marriage Use eLicensing for expedited processing of your change. certificate,courtorder,etc.).Signthisformwithyournewname. Renewal information is posted immediately on BRE's public Anewlicensewillbeissuedbearingthenewname. information. Duplicate License ­ This form cannot be used to order a duplicate Licensees can perform the following transactions using the license.UseaRequestforDuplicateLicense(RE225). eLicensing system at Mailing Address ­ The mailing address (post office box, residence · Brokerandsalespersonrenewals · Licensecertificaterequests(broker,salesperson,officer or business address) is used to mail correspondence to you. If your mailingaddressisthatofyourbroker,pleasenote"c/o"(in care of) and branch) your sponsoring broker or corporation. · Salespersonadditions/changesofemployingbroker Non-California Residents­IfresidingoutsidetheStateofCali· Brokerdiscontinuationofsalespersonemployment fornia,aConsentToServiceOfProcess(RE234)isalsorequired, · Mailingaddresschanges ifnotalreadyonfile. · Brokermainofficeaddressaddition/changes · Automatedfeepaymentandprocessing mailing information general information Thisapplicationmaybesubmittedinpersonatanydistrictoffice Try elicensing Type or print clearly in ink (black or blue; do not use red). Receipt of this form will not be acknowledged. Business and license mailing addresses are public information and as such are posted on the Internet and available from BRE viatelephoneandwrittenrequests.Pleaseconsiderthiswhen identifying a license mailing address. If you electronically re-create this form to facilitate completion onacomputer,theformshouldnotbealteredinanymanner. Todoso,couldresultindisciplinaryaction.Also,pleasemake certain you do not delete any preprinted information and are using the latest version of the form. Type of Change Check the appropriate box(es) on page 1 and complete the item numbers listed below. Mailingaddress ................................... Personalname ...................................... Activation ............................................ Sponsoringbroker ............................... #1­11 #1­11 #1­19 #1­19 (required) & 20-23 (optional) Employment discontinued by broker... #1,2,and20-23 Employment discontinued by sales. .... #1,2,4-11,&20-22 ormailedtotheSacramentooffice. Mail To: Bureau of Real Estate P.O.Box137003 Sacramento,CA95813-7003 note To sponsoring Broker/Corporation Sponsoring Broker/Corporation ID# and Name ­ If you are licensedbothasanindividualbrokerandasanofficerofacorporation,entertheappropriateID#andname. · Ifthesalespersonwillbeworkingforyouunderyourindividual license,enterthenameandID#fromthatlicense. · Ifthesalespersonwillbeworkingforyouunderyourcorporation officer'slicense,enterthecorporationnameandID#fromthat license. · DonotlistDBA'sonthisapplication. PRIVACY INFORMATION: Section1798.17oftheCivilCoderequiresthisnoticebeprovidedwhen collectingpersonalorconfidentialinformationfromindividuals.Each individual has the right to review personal information maintained by thisAgency,unlessaccessisexemptedbylaw. BureauofRealEstate ManagingDeputyComm.IV 1651ExpositionBlvd. Licensing,Examinations,&Education Sacramento,CA95815 Telephone:877-373-4542 GeneralpowersoftheCommissioner,Sections10050,10071,and 10075oftheBusinessandProfessionsCodeauthorizesthemaintenance of this information. BusinessandProfessionsCodeSections30,31(e)and494.5(d)require each real estate licensee to initially provide to the Bureau of Real Estate his or her social security number which will be furnished to the Franchise Tax Board. The Franchise Tax Board will use your number toestablishidentificationexclusivelyfortaxpurposes.Thesecode sectionsalsorequirethateachapplicati
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