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Preliminary Public Report-Application Instructions RE 603 - California

Preliminary Public Report-Application Instructions Form. This is a California form and can be used in Subdivisions Bureau Of Real Estate Statewide .
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STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF REAL ESTATE Real Estate MATTERS! PRELIMINARY PUBLIC REPORT -- APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS RE 603 (Rev. 8/12) PACKET CONTENTS RE 603A RE 603B RE 603C RE 603C-1 RE 603D RE 603D-1 RE 605 RE 612 RE 612A Preliminary Public Report ­ Application Submittal Preliminary Public Report ­ Application Preliminary Public Report ­ Common Interest Subdivision Preliminary Public Report (Interim) ­ Common Interest Subdivision Preliminary Public Report ­ Standard Subdivision Preliminary Public Report (Interim) ­ Standard Subdivision Subdivision Filing Fees Reservation Instrument Reservation Deposit Handling Agreement may be listed as the single responsible party (SRP). This LQGLYLGXDO PD\ EH FRQWDFWHG WR DQVZHU DQ\ TXHVWLRQV DQG will receive the preliminary public report when issued. 'R QRW UHTXHVW WKDW FRUUHVSRQGHQFH RU H[WUD FRSLHV RI WKH public report be sent to other parties. In addition, copies of all written communications to the SRP will be sent to the subdivider. ,WHP &HUWL¿FDWLRQ ± 7KH FHUWL¿FDWLRQ VWDWHV WKDW all representations made in the application, including all exhibits, are true, accurate and complete. Filing Fee 6XEPLW D FHUWL¿HG FKHFN PRQH\ RUGHU RU FKHFN SD\DEOH WR ³'HSDUWPHQW RI 5HDO (VWDWH´ IRU WKH UHTXLUHG ¿OLQJ IHH Note: The check must be dated not more than 90 days before the application is received by DRE. Do not send cash. Attach the fee to the photocopy of page 1 of RE 603B. GENERAL APPLICATION INFORMATION This is an application for a preliminary public report for either a common interest or standard subdivision. It does not constitute a QRWLFH RI LQWHQWLRQ IRU D ¿QDO SXEOLF UHSRUW A preliminary public report must be obtained before a subdivider PD\ DGYHUWLVH RU WDNH UHVHUYDWLRQV RQ VXEGLYLVLRQ LQWHUHVWV $ ¿QDO public report must be obtained before any subdivision interest may be sold or leased. A preliminary public report (interim) is a preliminary public report LVVXHG IRU DQ DPHQGPHQW RU UHQHZDO ¿OLQJ ,I DOO ¿OLQJ UHTXLUHPHQWV DUH PHW D SUHOLPLQDU\ SXEOLF UHSRUW ZLOO normally be issued within 14 days after receipt of the application. HOW TO APPLY -- WHAT TO SUBMIT To obtain a preliminary public report, complete and submit the following forms to the appropriate Department of Real Estate 6XEGLYLVLRQ 2I¿FH UHIHU WR ³:KHUH WR )LOH
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