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Time-Share Preliminary Public Report-Application Submittal RE 603F - California

Time-Share Preliminary Public Report-Application Submittal Form. This is a California form and can be used in Subdivisions Bureau Of Real Estate Statewide .
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state of California Time-Share Preliminary Public rePorT -- aPPlicaTion SubmiTTal RE 603F (New 6/05) NOTES TO THE DEVELOPER Bureau of real estate suBdivisions FILE NUMBER All items marked with an "" must always be submitted with the application. Documents must be submitted in the order listed below (tabbing not necessary). Submit the documents and check/ money order to the Subdivisions Technical Unit at the address listed on page 2 of the Time-Share Preliminary Public Report ­ Application Instructions (RE 603E). PUBLIC REPORT INFORMATION AMOUNT OF ENCLOSED CHECK TIME-SHARE PLAN NAME ADVERTISING NAME CITY COUNTY STATE Item Submitted BRE Use Only Deficient Name of Item Submitted Time-Share Preliminary Public Report ­ Application (RE 603G). Oneadditionalcopyofpage1RE603Gwithfilingfeeattached. Typed preliminary public report (original and three pink copies of RE 603H). Contact person & developer address labels -- 5 preprinted, self-adhesive labels for each party. Preliminary report from title company (with BRE indemnity notes); and, if applicant does not currentlyholdtitle,alsosubmitagreementoroptiontopurchase,orcertifiedescrowinstructions. Approved tentative map, if applicable, or recorded map. Completed Reservation Instrument (Time-Share Plan) (RE 612C) and Reservation Deposit Handling Agreement (Time-Share Plan) (RE 612B); RE 612B must be executed by applicant and escrow-holder. Consent to Service of Process (RE 608's), if applicable. CertificateofqualificationfromtheCaliforniaSecretaryofState,ifapplicable. Authorization to sign, if applicable. Authorization of Agency, if applicable. BRE USE ONLY COMMENTS: (USE REVERSE SIDE IF NECESSARY) REVIEWED BY: DATE American LegalNet, Inc.
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