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Public Report Amendment-Renewal Application (Part III) RE 635 - California

Public Report Amendment-Renewal Application (Part III) Form. This is a California form and can be used in Subdivisions Bureau Of Real Estate Statewide .
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State of California Bureau of real eState Real Estate MATTERS! Public RePoRt Amendment/RenewAl APPlicAtion RE 635 Part III (Rev. 12/08) Note: Submit this package and one photocopy of pages 1 and 2; attach filing fee to page 1 photocopy. 1. THIS APPLICATION IS FOR A: [check box(es)] AMENDMENT OF: RENEWAL OF: FINAL PUBLIC REPORT CONDITIONAL PUBLIC REPORT FINAL PUBLIC REPORT CONDITIONAL PUBLIC REPORT FOR BRE USE ONLY FILE NUMBER QUESTIONNAIRE AMOUNT REQUIRED $ $ $ $ AMOUNT RECEIVED REFUND AMOUNT INTERIM PUBLIC REPORT 2. TYPE OF SUBDIVISION STANDARD CONDOMINIUM PLANNED DEVELOPMENT STOCK COOPERATIVE UNDIVIDED INTEREST COMMUNITY APARTMENT MOBILE HOME CONVERSION LIMITED EQUITY HOUSING CO-OP CHECK THE APPROPRIATE BOXES: AMT TRANSFERRED FOR LOTS FROM FILE # 3. SUBDIVISION IDENTIFICATION AND LOCATION BRE FILE NUMBER PREVIOUS DEPUTY ASSIGNED FILE The cooperative corporation has re-acquired shares memberships in this subdivision. I have acquired ______ lots/units/shares in this subdivision. Not applicable or same owner. 6. SIZE OF THIS FILING NAME OF SUBDIVISION NUMBER OF RESIDENTIAL LOTS/UNITS (DO NOT COUNT COMMON AREA LOTS) TRACT NUMBER NUMBER OF COMMON AREA LOTS NUMBER OF ACRES IN THIS PHASE NAME TO BE USED IN ADVERTISING LIST COMMON AREA LOT NUMBERS/LETTERS STREET ADDRESS (OR NEAREST CROSS STREETS) CITY COUNTY IF SUBDIVISION IS LOCATED WITHIN CITY LIMITS, LIST NAME OF CITY. IF RURAL SUBDIVISION, LIST NAME OF NEAREST TOWN/CITY. LIST THE MILES/DIRECTION FROM NEAREST TOWN/CITY. IF STOCK COOPERATIVE CONVERSION OR LEHC, IDENTIFY UNIT NUMBERS. 4. WILL YOU ALSO FILE WITH HUD? (Refer to Question 22.) NO YES 5. INTERESTS TOTAL NUMBER OF INTERESTS IN SUBDIVISION Check appropriate box(es) Lots/Units to be: Sold Leased All residential lots/units to be sold vacant All residential lots/units to be sold with completed residential structures. Indicate type of structure: Conventional Manufactured Factory-built Residential lots/units to be sold both vacant and improved with residential structures. Vacant lots/units to be sold under agreement obligating buyer to enter into construction contract with seller or seller controlled entity. All lots to be sold as raw land. All lots/units to be sold with age restrictions. At least 50% of the lots/units will be sold subject to affordable housing financing programs. (Submit evidence.) WHEN PUBLIC REPORT IS READY: MAIL TO SRP CALL SRP FOR PICK UP NUMBER OF INTERESTS TO BE COVERED BY THIS AMENDMENT/RENEWAL NUMBER OF SHARES/MEMBERSHIPS RE-ACQUIRED BY COOPERATIVE American LegalNet, Inc. 7. SUBDIVIDER INFORMATION NAME 9. BUDGET PREPARER NAME ATTENTION ATTENTION BUSINESS ADDRESS BUSINESS ADDRESS CITY CITY STATE ZIP CODE STATE ZIP CODE TELEPHONE NUMBER (INCLUDE A/C) FAX NUMBER TELEPHONE NUMBER (INCLUDE A/C) FAX NUMBER 8. SINGLE RESPONSIBLE PARTY (SRP) NAME ATTENTION BUSINESS ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP CODE TELEPHONE NUMBER (INCLUDE A/C) FAX NUMBER 10. SUBDIVISION SALES RECORDS Will the location of the sales records remain the same? ......................................................................... If No, complete the following: NAME OF CUSTODIAN TELEPHONE NUMBER Yes No BUSINESS ADDRESS (POST OFFICE BOXES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE) CITY COUNTY STATE ZIP CODE 11. ALWAYS SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING A. Ten self-sticking address labels for the single responsible party (SRP) for this project and another ten labels for the subdivider. B. Filing fee attached to a photocopy of page 1 of RE 635 Part III. C. Current Title ­ Submit a current (issued within 90 days of submittal) preliminary report signed by an authorized employee of the title company, updated title letter, or policy of title insurance covering all interests owned. The BRE Special Note must be included on the title document and the issue date must be within 90 days of the issue date of the amendment/renewal. If applicant does not currently hold title, also submit evidence of future vesting including a date certain by which title must be conveyed. Note: Please include current assessor's tax rate for this project. D. Budget Information, item 17 (common interest applications only, if required). E. A large scale, legible vicinity map showing the location of the subdivision and identifying landmarks. RE 635 Part III Q 7­11E American LegalNet, Inc. Page 2 of 16 12. PUBLIC REPORT CHANGES AND CURRENT INFORMATION I am familiar with the contents of BRE Subdivision File No. ____________. I have examined the subdivision public report which has an original issuance date of ____________ and the last amendment dated ____________. The offering to be made under authority of this amended public report includes only the following changes in the terms, provisions and documents used in the offering as contained in the subdivision file and the most recently issued subdivision public report. (Enumerate, describe and append documents, as necessary, to explain/show the changes in the offering. See Regulation 2800 for a listing of material changes.) · · · · Report changes necessary to show current conditions. Attach additional sheets if more space is required and indicate attachment. If there are no changes to filing, so state. Attach a copy of the most recently issued or amended public report for this subdivision. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 13. DOCUMENT CHANGES Note: If you checked the box for "Notice of Intention and Statement by Purchaser of five or more lots, units or memberships" on page 1, always submit Items 13A, 13D, 13E, and 13F (if 13F is applicable). A. Are there any changes from the last submitted escrow instructions, to include change in escrow companies? ...................................................................................................................................
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